Food Funnies: You Write the Cartoon Caption - December 2012

Who's ready for a little holiday humor? Write the winning caption for our December 2012 cartoon and be loved and honored by all.

By Illustration by Jerry King

Here at Food Processing, we understand how stressful life can be so we're encouraging you to take 5 minutes to add a little fun into your life. Food Funnies is our way of letting you take a break from all the serious stuff you deal with at work —  by coming up with appropriate light-hearted captions.

Here's how it works: Submit your caption, via email, for the cartoon that appears below. The winning caption will be featured on the Web site, our Facebook page, and in an upcoming eNewsletter.

December Food Funny
Illustration by Jerry King

Submitted Captions

Nice seeing you here I thought with the 1st lady demonizing you were going to a much different place one much hotter than your oven.

Sorry Kid .. take your twinkie somewhere else; only health food permitted here.

“Hey Twinkie the Kid, you’re too young to be joining us up here” RIP 1985 – 2012

I'm so sorry but you're in the wrong place

You’re in the wrong place kid

Wait till the big guy sees you! He’s a big fan!

Now I don’t have to sell my soul to the devil for a Twinkie!

Hey Kid, you may have lost the battle, but you won the war.  WELCOME.

Twinkie, Twinkie, Little Star, How I “Wonder” where you are!

Their loss, our gain! Welcome home Kid!

Deliveries are in the rear.......

I didn’t think you had an expiration date!

You're just in time for dessert.

I know this is a big mistake, I never expire

Surprise! Your BIGGEST FANS beat you here!