Food Funnies: You Write the Cartoon Caption - October 2012

See what Food Processing has in store for your funny bone this month. Write the winning caption for our October 2012 cartoon and be loved and honored by all.

By Illustration by Jerry King

Here at Food Processing, we understand how stressful life can be so we're encouraging you to take 5 minutes to add a little fun into your life. Food Funnies is our way of letting you take a break from all the serious stuff you deal with at work —  by coming up with appropriate light-hearted captions.

Here's how it works: Submit your caption, via email, for the cartoon that appears below. The winning caption will be featured on the Web site, our Facebook page, and in an upcoming eNewsletter.

October Food Funny
Illustration by Jerry King

Submitted Captions

We should avoid having ‘bring-your-kids-to-work’ on Halloween

I can't wait to try this with Santa.....

Any candy in that purse for me?

*Crosses arms with a sigh* "It's just not fair..."

That thing's all hair! Where's its' net?

Yeah, according to our research, "happy kids impart the best flavor."

This bring your kid to work thing is really slowing down production.

When I was a kid, I had to walk to houses, 2 miles, up hill both ways, to Trick or Treat!

Shut the conveyor down at midnight.

Wait, I think they've been here before.

I don’t remember buying raw materials for this production run.

Halloween is the only time anymore that I can understand how kids dress

It’s amazing how quickly word gets around about who is handing out the best candy!

I hope it’s Halloween or else we have a serious contamination problem.

The packaging format for this new product should be really interesting!

Great, there goes our dental plan.

What's next, the Wonkavator?

Oh man, the machine’s stuck on the ‘Halloween’ setting again!

Arms folded: " excuse me, excuse me, EXCUSE ME!!!... what's going on here, aren't you supposed to be working?

We are not only saving the company money, but now I don't have to sit by the front door all night long!