Food Biz Kids: Nabisco Newtons Fruit Thins Considered A Healthy Alternative to Cookies

Our junior high food reviewers thought the fruity snack was 'both tart and sweet.'

By Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor

Claire Wootton: Newton Fruit Thins taste sweet, but go really well with the tart taste of the fruit pieces. I like how the cookie is crumbly and the fruit is chewy. The one thing I don’t like is the packaging. The taste appeals to kids, but the packaging is more appealing to adults because of the organic-looking colors and the word “thin.” I think that the taste mostly appeals to kids because it is sweeter than a lot of adults like.

Paul Clarke: They taste mostly of blueberries, with an in-your-mouth texture that’s perfect, not chewy or hard but still pleasantly crunchy. They are cracker-colored with small blue patches for the blueberries and around the size of a drink coaster. Strongly recommended.

Leila Lemieux-Jordan: Newton Fruit Thins is a healthy alternative to cookies. They taste like a delicious fruit tart without being too “tarty.” The texture is exactly like your original sugar cookies – crumbly. The packaging is very fun. It’s very attractive to kids and adults. I think kids will love this because it tastes like a cookie, and parents will adore it because it’s healthy and tastes good.

Brian Robinson: Fruit Thins look like sugar cookies without the sugar and they are a little thinner. They smell and taste like blueberries. Hard and crunchy, they have chewy blueberries inside. They taste very good, and the flavor lasts a long time.

Zoe Wilson: Fruit Thins taste like fruity good cookies with a sweet crunch, and the tart fruit pieces make it extra yummy. The packaging is easy to open, brightly colored and noticeable, which made it cool. Anyone would eat this cookie. It attracted me, and I am a tween and kids would like them. They also attracted my teacher, who is an adult. I love Newtons Fruit Thins.

Shylan Johnson: What they taste like are blueberries. I do not like these cookies. The texture is very smooth, hard and crunchy. Who would eat them? Almost anyone, if they liked the taste.

Tessa Otting: Newtons Fruit Thins taste like blueberry graham crackers. They are crunchy and have a nice taste. I think they could be eaten by any age. I would say the only problem is that they look more appealing on the package.

Christian Graves: Nabisco Fruit Thins are very good. The texture is rough, and they smell like blueberry muffins. Packaging is easy to open, and this product would be good for any age.

Kate Grossman: [They] taste like unflavored graham crackers with fruit. They would be fine for a snack, but I’m not that intrigued. The cookie is really hard and crumbly. It smells pretty good, like blueberries. The packaging is not appealing and doesn’t attract attention. It is also deceiving; the picture tells a different story. I think this product is mostly for younger kids who don’t care that much about taste. Overall this is not a great product.

Noah Halman: What I like about Fruit Thins is their unique qualities. I’ve never tasted anything like that before. Although it is an interesting product, it isn’t something I would eat regularly.

Sara Bauer: Newton Fruit Thins smell and taste like baked blueberry muffins that just came out of the oven. They are OK, but not the best. They are soft and really easy to bite into. Fruit Thins are appealing, but not something I would run out of the door for. The packaging is really easy to open. I think this product is made for all ages.

Alana Pontarelli: Newtons Fruit thins taste like graham crackers. They taste good, are crunchy and smell fruity. The packaging looks good and is appealing. It is easy to open. I feel that this product is for everyone.

Jennifer Martinez: The packaging is easy to open and they feel crunchy. My opinion is that Fruit Thins taste bad. I think they are meant for children because they are kind of healthy for them.