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Food Biz Kids: Southern Cajun Grill-N-Que

Our junior reviewers remind us when it comes to condiments, don't judge a sauce by its cover.

By Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor

Jorie Minsky:
The packaging has a Southern home-style feel. This appeals to people who want or like Southern food. The packaging is very easy to open. The sauce smells like a sweet barbeque sauce – very sweet and not very spicy. I think more spice should be added to the sauce. The world needs this product because it is delicious!

King Cysko Gil:
This Southern Cajun Grill-N-Que sauce is delicious. It's very sweet and is a like a crossover of ketchup and barbeque sauce. It smells like marinara sauce, but it doesn't look tasty. This is why you don't judge a book by its cover.

Zoe Solomon:
It's the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. It looks chunky and unattractive, but it tastes better than it looks. The label makes the sauce look good to meat lovers and people of the older age. Once you get past looks, its strong, overpowering smell pulls you in to have a delicious taste of Southern Cajun Grill-N-Que sauce.

Phillip Zelditch:
It's packaged like steak sauce, and it looks good in the packaging. It tastes sweet and goes well with french fries. This would be a good product for people who like good sauce. In my opinion, it smells good but strong. The texture of it is like thick ketchup. As the packaging is like steak sauce, it has a good packaged look.

Maya Braithwaite:
The packaging looks like it's made for someone who enjoys meat and grilling. The texture is kind of gritty, but the taste is sweet. I think the sauce could be spicier and less gritty. The sauce smells like a lot of seasonings you would use on steak. If I were to use it, I would use it with ribs or steak because of the taste.

Dylan Mulvihill:
The packaging is appealing, although it is overwhelming and doesn't depict the brand. The smell reminds you of marinara or tomato sauce, and so does the taste. They could have a spicier sauce. The texture is disgusting and chunky … totally gross looking. Overall, the taste isn't bad for a sweet barbecue sauce.

Raquel Valadez
The packaging is cool; it would be appealing to people who like sauces. The texture is normal, but the smell is ready bad. Pretty good tasting, but it needs more spice and is too sweet. I think most people would like this sauce, but it's nasty to me. It tastes like a mix of ketchup and barbeque sauce.

Ngozi Watts:
Although I did enjoy the sweet and salty taste, I feel that the packaging on this product is very boring. It has a really nice texture too. I do not love the smell. I feel this is an acquired taste and may appeal to older consumers.

Brenda Zamudio:
The grill sauce doesn't look so good on the outside. Its texture doesn't look very appealing. It really doesn't smell like anything. It tastes very good – like barbeque sauce but sweeter. I would probably use it as a sauce for french fries.

Andrei Marginean:
This sauce does not look very good; it is not appealing at all. It is very easy to open. It smells very good, but the texture is not that great. The taste is acceptable, but not extraordinary. Only people who have never had it would buy it, because it tastes irrelevant to anything that I have ever placed in my mouth.

Liz Jolie:
The packaging would appeal to adults or people working with grills. It's easy to open and has a clean squirt. The texture is lumpy/grainy, and it's slightly spicy, or spicy perfect. This would be a great product for families, and all ages would like it.

Josh Rivers:
It smells good, but it doesn't taste so good. The packaging makes it look good. The texture doesn't look good; it's really wet and soggy. But I do like the label.

Kristen Fink:
The texture is smooth. The packaging is a little plain for my taste. It smells like pepper and tastes spicy, but very good, so it is appealing. Personally, I think you can only eat a little bit of it because it is super spicy. This would appeal to Southerners or anyone who likes barbeque.

Jamal Graham:
The sauce is kinda nasty and gets thick. The smell is all right. I expected more, but the quality of it is bad; it leaves a sour, ketchupy taste. Healthy 0 trans fat and it might taste better if it is grilled with meat. Overall, I'd give it a six or seven out of 10 because some people like different tastes.

Cheniya Brown:
It looks like ketchup and is easy to open. It does not make sense to me. It tastes like ketchup with pizza sauce. I would not eat it again. It comes out watery and smells like fish sauce. Also, it looks like tomato sauce.

Sam Graf:
It tastes spicy but sweet at the same time. It's not a hot flavor. It smells very spicy. The texture is a weird one. I have a feeling that it would taste great on steak. There are a lot of spices in this sauce. It is a mix of ketchup and barbeque.