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Food Biz Kids: Special K Cracker Chips

Our junior high product testers had a mixed bag of comments on these sour cream & onion snacks from Kellogg Co.

By Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor

This month's product: Special K Cracker Chips – Sour Cream & Onion
Kellogg Co., Battle Creek, Mich.

Zoe Solomon, 8th grade:
The packaging is great. It appeals to all the people trying to eat healthy. They’ll think they are healthy crackers. The texture makes me want to gag, but the taste makes me keep going back for more. They are surprisingly delicious. I think women will buy them for snacks that taste good but won’t make them unhealthy.

Seth Bearman, 8th grade:
The box is boring plain and white. They don’t have much of a smell, but when I bit into one, it wasn’t half bad. It has a Styrofoam-like texture, but it really tastes like sour cream and onions. The more I had, the better they tasted. I think these will appeal to an older crowd, but they are still really tasty.

Maya Braithwaite, 8th grade:
I am at a loss for words. Kellogg Special K Cracker Chips feel like Styrofoam in your mouth with bad seasoning. This product is not very satisfying. Return to sender!

Samuel Carvajal, 8th grade:
The box looks nice enough, although I don’t normally care what the packaging looks like. They have a nice taste and actually taste like sour cream and onion. They don’t have the best texture, and smell sort of like cardboard. People will buy them. Kellogg’s could probably sell them to Whole Foods because they have that kind of look to them.

Sandro Reyes, 8th grade:
I think these are a waste of production. For me, they taste salty and gross. I wouldn’t buy this product ever. These chips taste so bad, they made me go get water to drink.

Raquel Valadez, 8th grade:
The packaging is nice; it makes them look yummy. Also. It looks nice with the K (logo) on it, and the girl on the back of the package looks like she likes them. They smell bad, but taste pretty good and crunchy. I feel this is a necessary product for people who are on a diet.
Dylan Mulvihill, 8th grade:
The appearance of the chips is regular. The initial flavor is a lot like many other sour cream and onion products. If you like those, you will like these. The texture is good, and the flavor isn’t overpowering, which makes the crackers good. Overall, they are not bad.

Kristen Fink, 8th grade:
After trying the Special K Crackers, I made a few observations. First of all, I don’t personally like the flavor that much. And they’re very bland. The texture is not crunchy enough for my taste. And I think the package should be more exciting if Kellogg’s wants to appeal to the younger demographic.

Phillip Zelditch, 8th grade:
The Special K Cracker Chips aren’t good. I dislike sour cream and onion. I also dislike it in cracker form. It’s supposed to appeal to health freaks, but the texture is like cardboard. I don’t like them.

Cheniya Brown: 8th grade:
They are shaped like a cracker with little dots of green stuff. The texture is soft. Also, it smells like an onion. I would buy a million packages of this product.

King Cysko Gil, 8th grade:
These Special K Chips smell like cardboard and taste like Lay’s Sour Cream & Onion potato chips, but with a Ritz-like texture. Then your mouth has a good aftertaste. I think the box is easy to open. Overall, they are pretty good.

Ngozi Watts, 8th grade:
The Special K chips aren’t good. They have a non-desirable texture, and are too crunchy. The chips have a horrible aftertaste. I think they should stop making these chips because they are not good.

Andrei Marginean, 8th grade:
The packaging looks appealing because the box is colorful and eye-catching. A lot of people will like to buy this product because it tastes very good. They smell good too. They are awesome.

Sam Graf, 8th grade:
I do not like the chips; they smell like cardboard. I do not like them at all. Yet, they are good for you. The box just has a picture of the chip on it and a Special K logo. It’s an overall bad chip.

Katie Hierholzer, 8th grade:
The package is bright and colorful. This product does not satisfy my taste buds; it feels like Styrofoam with cheap seasoning. They don’t smell appealing either; I’m disappointed.

Josh Rivers, 8th grade:
I don’t like these chips; they are disgusting. The crackers look weird and nasty, but they are kinda good because of the sour cream.