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Food Biz Kids: Beanitos Black Bean Chips Chipotle Barbeque

Our high school product testers found these chips to be 'a chip with attitude.'

By Food Processing Staff

Wow. Spice factor right away. Not bad for just beans, actually really good! It would go great with a sauce or salsa. It has a meaty smell, but good! [The packaging] has a boring look. It needs more "POW!" like, "Wow that looks healthy!"

The taste makes up for the odd look of the product. It tastes like a mildly spicy barbeque. Adults would enjoy this product because of the nutritional facts.

Although the packaging is very plain, I feel an adult would like it for all the health benefits that it boasts. I think it would be eaten by adults because of the good taste and nutritional value.

Red, black and white; the colors caught my eye. The picture on the package made me stop and think: Beanitos Black Bean Chips, Chipotle Barbeque? No way! If you like zesty-spicy chips, this is YOUR chip. The saying "Looks don't matter" definitely applies to this chip!

The packaging was kind of gross. The ketchup/sauce looks like … well, nothing delicious. The chips look mealy and processed. The labels are great though. Perfect sized chip for a bag. Really hard to open.

There was a strong taste at initial bite, lasting for a bit, leaving a tangy, spicy taste in your mouth. Not too spicy to be overpowering, but a nice amount. Naturally tastes like a tangier chip. A chip with attitude. Biggest challenge would be breaking loyalty to other chip brands.

Beanitos lean toward more of a barbeque, smoky taste but less of a chipotle. I like the shape. When you bite into them, they don't crumble. These chips may be a little too caloric; you eat 10 and you already have 140 calories under your belt.

The texture is very hard, like it was stale. Also leaves stains on your fingers. It smells like chocolate and beef jerky.

The bag has a nice, soft, not "plastic-y" feeling to it. I like the color scheme of red, black and white. The slit in the top of bag is nice and easy to open, and it is nice to not have the whole top of the bag open.

Taste is strong enough to satisfy; therefore it doesn't leave me wanting more. Personally, I think the chips are average. Who would like this product is mostly teens who like salt and spices.

Taste: spice, BBQ. Texture: crunchy, seasoned well. Unique taste. It was SASSY; it woke me up. Grabbed my taste buds by the neck and shook them.

Perfect for people with gluten allergies. I have a gluten allergy in my family, so we are always looking for gluten-free products like this.

Smells like beef jerky. Even if it is made of beans, and I don't like beans, I would get these. It's round in shape. Overall, I'd say these would sell very well! Good job making these. Taste great!

Smells similar to … dog food. But that just means it's made with real stuff. Beanitos are a very grainy and appealing chip. Not a lot were crushed in the package, and the air-to-chip ratio was exceeding expectations. They also don't leave you with greasy hands.

This article originally appeared in the January 2013 issue of Food Processing Magazine.