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Food Biz Kids: Seasnax Seaweed Snacks

Our high-school product testers review a crunchy seaweed snack.

Jillian: SeaSnax tasted so great! I really enjoyed the onion flavored seaweed and I loved the texture. It smelled a lot like sushi, which was fine with me. The packaging however, wasn't my favorite. Although convenient and easy to open, I didn't enjoy the font or pictures; they made the product seem a little cheesy.

Madison: I didn't enjoy the taste of the seaweed. I am not a big fan of seafood-flavored things. If you have a sensitive pallet when it comes to texture, I wouldn't recommend this product. The texture was very crunchy and crisp; you wouldn't expect seaweed to feel like this.

Lucy: The taste of Seasnax was something I have never experienced before. Personally, I was not a fan. I felt like it tasted almost fishy. The texture was crisp and crunchy; I liked that aspect of it. But at the same time, it was a little paper-like for me. The smell was very distinct; again it was very ocean/fish-like. On the other hand, I really did enjoy the packaging. It was a good size and I liked how it had the nutrition facts on the front, which makes it easy for people to find a healthy snack.

Elli: I really like the texture of the sushi. It's unlike anything I have ever tried before. I think children and adults would both like this product because they would be entertained by the packaging and the taste. Adults would like the health value and the idea of the product.

Rhia: I tried the chipotle Seasnax. The taste reminds me of sushi and it is pretty salty. They are not too spicy; the seaweed flavor overpowers the spice factor. The seaweed disintegrated in my mouth and stuck to the roof of my mouth. They smell pretty salty and almost like grass. The packaging kind of looks like it is foreign, or from an exotic place like Japan or China.

Keeley: The packaging of this product is very detailed and applies to the product very well. It looks very natural, so if I were health-conscious, I would definitely buy it. I am not in love with the product, but it has an original taste and a unique look to it.

Michael: Prior to opening the package, I really liked the way the packaging was colorful yet simple at the same time. It wasn't trying too hard to grab the attention of the consumer. The taste was quite peculiar, the seaweed flavor tasted very fishy but not necessarily in a bad way - just a new taste. There are a lot of the sheets in each package because they are so thin, which was nice. Overall, it was an interesting new product. I would definitely recommend it as something to try, but I wouldn't be surprised if it only appealed to a more mature audience.

Reesie: The seaweed was much more crunchy than it was hard. It felt a little bit scaly. The product wasn't that good; it was very fishy and left a harsh aftertaste. However, the packaging really drew me in to the product.