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Food Biz Kids: Eat Well Enjoy Life Natural Brands Hummus

The healthy hummus, with 50% less fat and 33% fewer calories than traditional hummus, appeals to our teen testers.

By Food Processing

Joey M, 12th grade:  I really liked the taste of this hummus. It was different though; it tasted the same as most hummus but healthy. It had a very smooth consistency, with a few small pepper chunks to give it some texture. It is a very simple package to open.  It is just a container, [the lid] comes off simply. I could see a college kid eating this for a nice quick snack.

Emily L, 11th grade:  I had the red pepper hummus, and I enjoyed it very much! It was very smooth and kind of creamy. The smell was really inviting; sweet yet spicy with a very prominent pepper tang.

Katelyn B, senior in college: I tested the red pepper hummus and I loved it! I could a lot of this at once. I eat as healthy as possible; I'm vegetarian and gluten-free, so fun yet healthy foods like this make it easy to be a healthy eater.

Adam D, 11th grade: I tried the black bean hummus. It was really spicy and reminded me of curry in a way. The packaging has a nice design; the color of green they used on the lid was inviting and exciting. I think people who are health-conscious would get this; however, I don't think teenagers my age would get this because not many of us are very worried about how healthy we eat.

Lianne A, 11th grade: The black bean flavor was spicy with a strong vegetable taste. It is very creamy with a definite corn smell. The packaging isn't overwhelming; its simplicity is very inviting!

Kaity W, 12th grade: This hummus is really tasty. I really enjoyed the accentuation on the pepper in the flavor. It has a very smooth texture but there are chunks of pepper adding extra flavor. I had no trouble opening the package; it was really quite simple. I would easily buy this and I would probably eat it with pita bread because the two textures would complement each other nicely. Hummus is a very good product for every age group out there; I think anyone could like this.

Katrina G, 12th grade: I tasted the spicy yellow lentil hummus and it was surprisingly really spicy. However, this is one of the best hummuses I have had. It is very creamy and has that nice spic kick afterwards. I can say that anyone could buy this product but only if you like a really surprising spice factor at the end.

Emma S, 11th grade: I really like the spicy flavor and the fact that it has kind of a grainy texture. It smells like a plethora of spices. The packaging is very vibrant, eye catching and easily opened. I would notice this on shelves and would definitely buy it! Any age group would enjoy this food as a quick snack.

Micaela M, 12th grade: The spicy yellow lentil hummus was really good. I like the zesty yet smooth taste. The texture felt very smooth and had a little kick at the end. It smells a bit spicy but I like it because it's not too overwhelming. The hummus is packaged very neatly as well. It is easy to open and I feel like it is fresh every time I look at it. I think teenagers would like this out of most age groups simply because it is an entertaining food to eat. The spice factor really makes it fun to eat.

Morgan R, 10th grade: The white bean hummus is very different compared to other hummus I have had. It smells really good with a very obvious bean flavor, and then you get a bit of cilantro in there. I think the word “fluent” describes the flavor accurately. The flavors combine excellently and it is very smooth and just all around great. One thing I noticed however, after letting the hummus sit for a few minutes, it forms an orange oil on the surface. It was really the only unattractive aspect to this hummus.

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