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Infographic: The Ultimate Beer Infographic

Need help deciphering among beer brews? Two talented New Yorkers have just finished the most complete chart of beer ever made.

Whether you're a beer brewing aficionado, like our 2013 Green Plant of the Year Winner, or a novice beer drinker, this beer infographic is a must-read if you want to sound like the ultimate beer snob. The infographic, which was created by designer Ben Gibson and book editor Patrick Mulligan, breaks down ales, lagers, IPAs, lambics as well as more than 500 beers examples. Should you find yourself needing constant access to the infographic, you can purchase a 18-inch by 24-inch poster for $25 from Pop Chart Lab. For those with more money (and more room), the infographic can be blown up to an even bigger 60-inch by 40-inch wide print and purchased from the same group.

The Ultimate Beer Chart