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May 2015 New Food and Beverage Rollout

Healthy snacks is where it's at with this month's new product rollout.

House Foods Offers Low-Calorie Pasta Alternative

Tofu purveyor House Foods introduced Smart Noodle, a noodle substitute with 20 calories, 6g of fiber and 400mg of omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid per serving. Learn more about the product

Mediterranean Nutrition Bars Offer Savory Taste

Mediterra grows its Mediterranean Diet-inspired namesake nutrition bar line with two savory offerings. Learn more about the product

Califia Farms Offers Hispanic Non-Dairy Refrigerated Beverage Line

Califia Farms kicks off summer with Califia Farms Horchatas in Classic Cinnamon and Vanilla Coconut varieties. Learn more about the product

Jimmy Buffett’s Island Tea offers a Taste of the Islands

Tradewinds and Margaritaville teamed up to  offer this new beverage line that uses only natural flavors and sweeteners to deliver a signature, flavor-packed taste in every sip. Learn more about the product

Yoatz All-in-One Greek Yogurt Includes Whole Fruit and Oats

The refrigerated ready-to-eat product combines organic gluten-free steel cut oats with organic Greek yogurt. Learn more about the product

Perry's Ice Cream Designed as an Escape from Life

Perry’s Ice Cream introduces Escape, 20 flavors of ice cream designed to help the consumer get away from it all. Learn more about the product