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2015 Processor of the Year: PepsiCo

With steady, focused management, innovative R&D, plants around the world – and a social conscience – we're pleased to name PepsiCo our 11th annual Processor of the Year.

By Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief

Perhaps no company – in food and beverage or any category, for that matter -- has as many and as varied brands recognized and loved around the world as PepsiCo Inc. That's a testament to its reach and its underlying strengths.

PepsiCo is not just Pepsi-Cola, nor is it just Lay's potato chips. And its not Gatorade or Quaker Oats. Nor Mirinda, if you're in the Spanish-speaking world. This is a company with 22 billion-dollar brands that span six categories, from carbonated soft drinks to hot breakfasts. And they're found, often under local names, in more than 200 countries.

PepsiCo also is a company that, while celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, traces its roots back to a pharmacist-created drink in 1893 and two snack-chip companies founded in 1931 and 1932.

"PepsiCo's first 50 years are now part of history, but our story is still being written," says Chairman & CEO Indra Nooyi. "Reflecting on all we have achieved together and on the infinite possibilities ahead, I am confident that it will be one for the ages."

This is not merely a birthday present to the company. PepsiCo throughout its 50-year history has been firing on all cylinders, especially the ones we look at in choosing our Processor of the Year. Its management has been focused and steady, yet not afraid to take risks. Its product development team has churned out innovative, sometimes category-defying, new products. And it remains a manufacturing powerhouse, with more than 340 manufacturing facilities around the world.

The company has made a big commitment to sustainability in a number of locales, best exemplified by its chip plant in Casa Grande, Ariz., which is practically off the grid for all utilities. And it's been a leader in aid to communities and especially third-world countries – where Nooyi hails from – raising standards of living and nutrition wherever it goes.

For those reasons and many more that will become apparent in the package of stories we've put together in thedownloadable PDF, we are pleased to name PepsiCo our 11th annual Processor of the Year.