Vote Now: 2015 R&D Teams of the Year

Cast your vote for the 2015 R&D Teams of the Year award.

Who Has the Best R&D Teams?

Nominating time is over. We have our finalists in three size categories:

Large ($750 million in sales and above)

  • Bolthouse Farms
  • Chobani Inc.

Medium ($100-749 million)

  • Litehouse Foods
  • Ruiz Foods

Small (less than $100 million in sales)

  • Among Friends Baking Mixes
  • Reeds Inc. (sodas)
  • Tasty Bite

What have these R&D teams done to deserve your vote? Read their nominating essays and vote by clicking on the voting button:

Vote For your Favorite R&D Team

This is an unabashed popularity contest – the most votes in each category wins. The winners will be profiled in our June issue.