New Food Products

Top Snack Picks for Sunday's Big Game

We've drafted 15 of the most delicious, savory and sweet snacks to get your hands on this Sunday.

Top Snack Foods

Whether you're manning the couch alone or hosting a group of friends, the Food Processing team has assembled a great roster of snacks for the Big Game this weekend.


Dean Foods Spices Up the Dairy Case with Two New Bold Dips

Hormel Foods Introduces Snack-Size Hot Chip Dippers

Pacific Foods’ Organic Hummus and Salsa

Condiments & Spreads

Mezzetta Everything Spread Goes with Everything

Tulkoff Rolls Out Bold Flavors With Its Condiments


Farm Rich’s Smokehouse Barbecue Enhances Indoor Cooking

Johnsonville Sausage Expands Into Meatball Category


Opposites Attract in Combos’ Pretzel Creme Snacks

Edoughble Egg-Free Ready-to-Eat Cookie Dough

Frozen Snacks

Annie’s Brings Goodness to the Frozen Aisle

Chili’s Grill & Bar Comes Home

Chip & Cracker Snacks

High-Protein Chips Satisfy Crunchy and Salty Cravings

Popchips Inc. Introduces a New Crop of Veggie Chips

Wheat Thin Crackers Pop Up as an Afternoon Snack

Stacy's Bake Shop Bakery Crisps Available in Sweet and Savory Flavors