August 2018 Food Funny Cartoon Caption Contest

Summer's ending got you sour? We're squeezing every last bit of sun and fun we can into August with our monthly food funny caption contest.

By Illustration by Jerry King

When life hands you lemons, what do you do? Do you make lemonade? Maybe a sorbet? Maybe you make a lemon cake. Whatever you do, we hope it's funny. We also hope that you can squeeze together a few good captions for this month's cartoon caption contest.

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August 2018 Food Funny

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Waiting for a lemon to drop (from the tree) not so smart, but a shake on the tree is a better start.

I see you want lemonade from concentrate.

When life gives you lemons, stand there like an idiot.

If you wait long enough, you’ll get lemon drops.

Let's get Zesty!

May I remind you that making lemonade is a process? One lemon falling into a glass won't do it.

Not willing to accept dehydrated or Frozen.

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy?

I don't think,literally, this is how "Lemon Drops" is made.

You are taking the saying, "Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy," just a little too literal.

I don't think that is what they mean when they say "Sunshine in a glass"

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade. When life doesn't give you lemons Just stand around wishing you had lemonade.

Sorry, it’s not raining lemonade today!

You missed the juicer link in your supply chain.

Jesus, Craig, you've been standing here for three days.

Even if you do think the tree is pretty, the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to fit in a glass.

Did you bring the Vodka?

Lemonade is not yellow. That was not lemonade!

And, how is that working for you.

If you wish very hard, you will still have an empty glass.

You realize those are not lemons, right?

Just pucker up and squeeze

Going "all natural" is not very easy

After this we need to find the Vodka tree

You must be a millennial!

Hey Peter, why not ask Will to write a few lyrics about this, I m sure Mary will approve!

They're not ready yet! They're still too round to be lemon squares.

Craig, Mom says Aunt Betty is coming over with the twins and can you make three more glasses, please.

It's a whisky sour tree. Lemon first, then tap the tree for the whisky.

According to the lemon law, you have three days to return a defective tree.

You may want to reconsider making your lemonade, they're cheese coated Corn Nuts!

Ching ching, luvverly...hic..mel...mel..melons...hic.....lemons..hic
Think youve had enough Eric.

We're raising money for citrus-deprived people worldwide - it's called LemonAid