December 2018 Food Funny Cartoon Caption Contest

Jack Frost may have nipped a little too much of the boss's nose this winter. See if you can help him and his cohorts out by taking part in our monthly cartoon caption contest.

By Illustration by Jerry King

You know what they say about being able to stand the heat in the kitchen. See if you can stand the heat of our monthly cartoon caption contest by coming up with a caption for this month's cartoon. You'll have until mid-month to submit, then we turn up the heat and let Mr. Frost and his friends decide who gets the job of being the funniest foodie in the land. 

December Food Funny

Submitted Captions

Was that "Frosty (the Snowman)"?

I think our Help Wanted Ad stated "will be working in 8 degrees temperature"

Word is bound to leak out.

I think he misheard when we said to call in the liquidators!

Can't get good help anymore.

Who said climate change is not a problem?

I thought they wanted someone for the freezer section.

Now we know what he was made of.

You know I've always said, "Never trust anybody who can't take a little heat."

Dreams don't work unless you do!

I should have given him the cold shoulder.

I told Mr Popsicle he wasn't cool enough to replace Frosty.

Now we know what he was made of.

I should have given him the cold shoulder.

We need to pool our resources with next candidate.

Did we forget to add the “working conditions” to the job posting again?

Were all entitled to an occasional meltdown.

Kinda takes layin around to a whole new level

He always was a hothead

This job? NOT cool!

I hired him because he said he would POUR his heart and soul into his work.

Isn’t there a starch system for this?

My name is - Maximus Snowmanus - The Liquidator

Talk about hiring a TEMP!

What is our sick leave policy?

Talk about a melt down!

Don't look now, but there's another guy standing behind you who's about to regret he moved to Florida.

Ask that guy behind you if he could use another hat...and nose.

I'm getting tired of having to mop up behind these snowbirds.

I can see now why some people think Florida is overrated.

Snowbirds aren't as sturdy as they used to be.

OSHA's not gonna like this!

They can't take the heat. They keep running away.

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