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Equipment Round Up: February 2018

See which equipment Food Processing’s editors hand-picked to highlight for this month’s issue of Food Processing magazine.

These products appeared in our February issue of Food Processing. Get your copy of the digital issue here

VolkmannDust collector and cleanup vacuum system

VSHC units, as standalone or integrated systems, are high containment dust collectors and vacuum cleanup conveyors that provide simple and effective dust collection, dust cleanup or dust collection for a bag dump station. They are capable of handling dry, semi dry or liquid cleanup. Available in three sizes – 10, 14 and 18-in. diameters – they provide effective dust control that meets ATEX Certified and explosion-proof standards for any powder having a Minimum Ignition Energy of greater than 1 mJ. The units are manufactured in all 316L contact parts and feature both the manufacturer's patented modules for tool-free cleaning and filter system as well as common seals throughout.
Volkmann; Bristol, Pa.; 609-265-0101;

Let it Snow

The ColdFront Even Chill Bulk Bin Snowing System provides quick, precise and controlled delivery of carbon dioxide snow to ensure even temperature as product is deposited into bulk bin or tote containers. This greatly reducing both hot spots and overcooling. This automation-assisted system utilizes carbon dioxide snow horns in combination with PLC controls to deliver the cooling needed.
Praxair Inc.; Danbury, Conn.; 800-772-9247;

Urschel site14-station slicing head 

The MicroAdjustable Slicing Head (SL-14) is a new concept in slicing. For use on the Model CC Slicer, the best-selling potato slicer in the world, the new slicing head features 14 cutting stations that maximize slice engagement. This increased cutting station design delivers much higher capacities versus the standard, fully-adjustable 8-station cutting head. Switching over to the SL-14 from the standard 8-station head requires no special adapters. The new slicing design concept does not incorporate shims or shoes, and offers toolfree knife changeovers. Weighing in at only 35 lb. (16kg) with built-in lifting handles, the SL-14 is easily removed and replaced.
Urschel; Chesterton, Ind.; 219-464-4811;

Compact, low NOx boilers

LX Gas/Low NOx Series, Low and High Pressure Steam Boilers use natural gas or propane and are available in a range of steam options (300 MAWP, 170 MAWP or 15 MAWP). The units are available from 50-300HP. Their compact size allows most models to fit through an industrial 7-ft. doorway, while their naturally low NOx (nitrogen oxides) ratings are as low as 9ppm depending on model. This meets or exceeds current and proposed regulations for nitrogen oxide emissions levels. Hot water boilers are also available depending on models.
Miura; Rockmart, Ga.; 888-309-5574;

Eagle XRayX-ray for meat & poultry - PIC

The RMI 400 X-ray inspection machine is specifically designed for the poultry and meat industry. It has superior bone and contaminant detection, with a design that meets stringent NAMI standards and a construction that withstands various challenges in meat and poultry settings. Advanced SimulTask Pro imaging software inspects for contaminants including bone, stainless steel and aluminum, glass and stone. An innovative infeed and out-feed conveyor reduces the number of surfaces with which products come into contact, thereby lowering sanitation time.
Eagle Product Inspection; Tampa, Fla.; 877-379-1670;

Taking your product's temperature

Highly regulated product shipments present a challenge throughout shipping and storage. Product freshness and efficacy rely on a stable climate throughout the supply chain. Endicate is a new electronic temperature monitoring device that guarantees the integrity of a product by providing reliable information about thermal excursions upon receipt of shipment. It has accuracy of ±0.5ºC (±0.9F) for all temperatures between -20°C and 70°C (-4°F -158°F). It's armed with four easily programmable high or low temperature alarms, for single excursions, and continuous or cumulative time deviations. It is deployed with the simple push of a button. The large LCD display is easy to read, and offers a clear indication if an alarm has been triggered. The operator gets a distinct, readable notification detailing whether the shipment is acceptable, or if a product has exceeded temperature limits during delivery. The one-time use product has a shelf life of five years, with an operating life of about 60 days.
American Thermal Instruments; Dayton Ohio; 937-429-2114;

NordTwo new gearboxes

New industrial gear units are available for application-specific drives in the load range up to 20,000 Nm, for example with a dual gear setup and swing base. The modular product range includes dual-gear setups, auxiliary drives, brakes, torque arms, backstops, swing bases, and – as the latest special feature – extruder flanges. In addition, there are a variety of sealing options and solutions for monitoring and temperature management. The gear units can be mounted on all six sides. Gear ratios can be configured in fine increments from 5.54:1 to over 30,000:1 – with two, three or four gear stages, and with an auxiliary primary gear stage if so required.
Nord Drivesystems; Oxfordshire, U.K.; + 44 1235 534404;

Slicer infeed conveyor

Reduce plugging risk and amounts of slicing scrap while improving slice quality with the FastLane slicer infeed conveyor. The unit combines the horizontal motion of the FastBack Model 260E-G3 with a multi-lane pan that singulates product for delivery into multiple rotary slicers to ensure available slicers receive successive product while unavailable slicers remain unfed. It eliminates hazardous pinch-points by using basal-mounted, air-actuated paddles which use upward motion to dam lanes and which descend without a mechanically applied force. Built for washdown environments and simple sanitation, the stainless steel enclosed, fan-cooled motor package is IP65-rated, and the electrical cabinet and sensors are IP66 rated and designed to NEMA 4X standards.
Heat and Control; Hayward, Calif.; 510-259-0500;

Linde ConveyorImpingement freezer 

The patent-pending Cryoline CWI Cryowave impingement freezer combines dual-action Cryowave product agitation with impingement cryogenic gas flow into a high-capacity chilling solution, said to be ideal for crusting or individually quick freezing sliced and diced chicken, chicken wings, meatballs, sausages and pizza toppings. The company says the freezer can reduce operating costs and increase output by delivering nearly three times the heat transfer rate of traditional modular cryogenic freezers while significantly reducing dehydration losses.
Linde LLC; Bridgewater, N.J.; 908-464-8100;

Conveyor speed detector

The Model BSD (belt speed detector) is a "traction action" motion control that indicates when a conveyor belt has slowed or quit moving altogether. The unit can be adjusted as an overspeed, underspeed or zero speed control. The output can be wired into a PLC or DCS or to the optional RMS controller (or MSD controller) which has a DP/DT relay to control up to two separate circuits, one for machinery shutdown and one for an alarm. It can shut down rotating equipment before damage is encountered. It provides protection for interlocked conveyor belts, especially if one of the belts fails due to overloading or quits due to tearing.
Conveyor Components Co.; Croswell, Mich.; 800-233-3233;

Planetary mixer free loaner

The manufacturer's Ross Test & Development Center offers the use of an advanced planetary mixer for no-charge demonstrations. The new 4-gal. Planetary Dual Disperser (Model PDDM-4) is equipped with two high viscosity blades and two high-speed dispersers; all four agitators rotate on their own axes while orbiting the vessel, ensuring rapid powder wet-out and deagglomeration. It is designed for vacuum operation and includes a jacketed mix vessel. Suitable for mixing thick slurries and highly-filled pastes, the PDDM delivers dispersion and uniformity throughout a wide viscosity range up to around 2 million centipoise.
Charles Ross & Son Co.; Hauppauge, N.Y.; 800-243-7677;

Modular cartridge bin vent

Achieve air filtration of fine airborne particles from within a storage tank and release clean air to the atmosphere with the K-Tron modular cartridge bin vent. While material is pneumatically conveyed into a storage tank, fine particles and air are separated by the unit’s large cartridge filter, allowing clean air to pass from the tank out to the atmosphere. Reverse jet cleaning from a compressed air accumulator pulses the cartridge filter, dislodging any fines and returning them to the storage tank. Mounting on a standard 20-in. diameter tank deck, the cartridge filter hangs vertically and has shallow, open pleats for efficient dust release. Quick-release clamps allow easy access to the cartridge filter. The plenum features a built-in weather hood and specially designed diffuser that enables each air pulse to clean the entire filter. No exhaust fan is required.
Coperion; Salina, Kan.; 785-825-1611;

Sanitary conveyor line

Devised for use in filling and packaging, modular sanitary conveyors are available in variable lengths from six feet to 30 feet and in custom lengths in a choice of dual or single lanes in variable widths, all with dual, standardized rails and mounting hardware for easy expansion. Rail opening, height and shape may also be easily adjusted. All conveyors feature a proprietary approach that sets food-grade, plastic belting within stainless steel construction in an accessible, adjustable design for easy cleaning. The conveyors include pre-threaded clamping brackets that allow spacing wheels, rotary turntables, transfer plates, reject stations and bottle indexing air cylinders to be quickly attached or removed without drilling holes in the conveyor.
Deitz Co.; Wall, N.J.; 732-681-0200;

Portable drum handlers

Easily achieve repetitive transport applications with the Ergo-Matic line of portable drum handling equipment. The product family is fully modular and designed for efficient manual handling of a single drum. The line features high-lift capability up to 36 inches to double-stack drums, spark-resistant components for flammable areas, double “Parrot-Beak” clamps for fiber and plastic drums plus special wheels and coatings for FDA-approved applications. Other features and options are available, along with off-the-shelf and custom solutions.
Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc., Buffalo Grove, Ill.; 847-325-2930;

Vertical-storing dock leveler

Reduce dock shock and increase safety and efficiency with the redesigned RHV-4100 vertical-storing hydraulic dock leveler. RHV levelers are said to provide the smoothest transition from the warehouse floor to the trailer bed. When installed as part of a drive-through application, trucks back up to the loading dock with their doors closed to ensure safety and security. When they are secured at the dock, the trailer’s security seal is broken and the doors are opened into the building. To minimize dock shock, the RHV features a constant-radius rear hinge to create a smooth transition between the leveler and the warehouse floor, while a two-point crown control on the front lip hinge distributes the load evenly between the leveler and the trailer bed and extends the hinge life.
Rite-Hite; Milwaukee; 800-456-0600;

Positive displacement pump

The Universal 3 series of positive displacement pumps includes a front-loading seal design to deliver sanitary performance and increased uptime. The pumps are 3-A certified and can be cleaned-in-place as standard. Connection of the rotor and shaft is completely sealed from the product zone to prevent any contamination and to reduce internal corrosion. The front-loaded seals are easy to maintain, reduce maintenance times and are available in a choice of materials and types; including single and double mechanical and O-ring versions to suite a wide variety of process applications. The pumps further provide the versatility of bi-directional flow capability and three-way mounting for easy integration into process systems. Designed for operating up to 500 psi (34.5 bar) pressure and 300°F (149°C) temperature as standard, the values vary depending on the pump size and rating option.
SPX Flow Inc.; Charlotte, N.C.; 262-728-4934;