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Equipment Round Up: March 2018

See which equipment products our editors hand-picked to highlight for the March issue of Food Processing magazine.

These products appeared in our March 2018 issue. Download your copy of the digital issue

Filling system for dressings, sauces

The 8P-32 eight-piston bottle filling system is fast, accurate and quick and easy to change over to run different bottles or products. Suitable for dressings, sauces, mayonnaise, condiments or other flowable or semi flowable products with or without particulates. Features include hopper agitation to gently maintain the proper ratio of liquids and solids or to prevent coring of viscous product, precise metering using either pneumatic or servo piston drive, servo motor diving spout bridge for bottom-up bottle filling and automatic cycling controls. Unscrambler table, conveyor and accumulator table complete the 8P-32 automatic filling line. Heated versions are also available for hot fill applications. Hinds-Bock Corp.; Bothell, Wash.; 877-292-5715;

Hemispherical kettle

Efficiently and thoroughly mix solid ingredients without damaging fresh-cut quality with the company’s hemispherical-bottom kettle. Unlike standard cone-bottom tanks, this kettle is engineered to prevent damage to ingredients, delivering consistent batch-to-batch quality. While vertical tanks can potentially cause uneven ingredient distribution, damage or clumping, the hemispherical vessel uses a unique inclined, double-motion agitator to avoid these problems, promoting smooth, thorough and even mixing while protecting expensive ingredients. Lee Industries; Philipsburg, Pa.; 814-342-0461;

Steam peeling

Easily peel potatoes, baby carrots and other vegetables with the Florigo ultra-peel SSC3 steam peeling solutions. The three different steam vessel designs are specifically engineered to deliver high peel efficiency, superior yield and uniform skin removal, while cutting average maintenance costs by 50 percent. The SSC3 portfolio includes high capacity steam peelers for large root vegetables like potatoes for French fries and vessels with centrally controlled steam inlets for smaller, irregular shaped produce to enable uniform steam coverage. Each steam peeling solution offers operators complete flexibility over steam time, pressure and vessel rotation speed to further optimize the peeling process for each product. TNA North America Inc.; Coppell, Texas; 972-462-6500;

Bulk bag filler

Achieve high output with a bulk bag filling system that features a powered fill head height adjustment and a rotary bag hanger system. These features bring the fill head and bag strap connection points to an ergonomic position directly in front of the operator for quick and easy access. After the bag connection, the bulk bag is filled by weight to a programmed setpoint. Once the fill cycle is complete, the bag inlet spout and straps release, the fill head raises and the filled bag is removed. Systems are custom designed for application requirements. Material Transfer; Allegan, Mich.; 800-836-7068;

Compact, low NOx boilers

LX Gas/Low NOx Series, Low and High Pressure Steam Boilers use natural gas or propane and are available in a range of steam options (300 MAWP, 170 MAWP or 15 MAWP). The units are available from 50-300HP. Their compact size allows most models to fit through an industrial 7-ft. doorway, while their naturally low NOx (nitrogen oxides) ratings are as low as 9ppm depending on model. This meets or exceeds current and proposed regulations for nitrogen oxide emissions levels. Hot water boilers are also available depending on models. Miura; Rockmart, Ga.; 888-309-5574;

Vacuum conveyor

Eliminate manual scooping and filling of topping and coating machines with the MDL205011 Vacuum Conveyor Package, which conveys toppings, coatings, powders, granular materials and other ingredients like flour and sugar from drums, bags, super sacks, and totes. The system can be set up for batch or continuous conveying, with convey rates up to 1,000 lbs. per hour. In addition, the system reclaims and recycles toppings from underneath the conveyor belt, pneumatically conveying the materials back to the topping or coating machine, maximizing on ingredient cost savings while minimizing manual scooping and combustible dust issues. Vac-U-Max; Belleville, N.J.; 973-759-4600;

Modular cartridge bin vent

Achieve air filtration of fine airborne particles from within a storage tank and release clean air to the atmosphere with the K-Tron modular cartridge bin vent. While material is pneumatically conveyed into a storage tank, fine particles and air are separated by the unit’s large cartridge filter, allowing clean air to pass from the tank out to the atmosphere. Reverse jet cleaning from a compressed air accumulator pulses the cartridge filter, dislodging any fines and returning them to the storage tank. Mounting on a standard 20-in. diameter tank deck, the cartridge filter hangs vertically and has shallow, open pleats for efficient dust release. Quick-release clamps allow easy access to the cartridge filter. The plenum features a built-in weather hood and specially designed diffuser that enables each air pulse to clean the entire filter. No exhaust fan is required. Coperion; Salina, Kan.; 785-825-1611;

High-capacity digital sorter

The Veryx B210 is said to be the highest capacity digital sorter in the food processing industry. With an inspection area more than 2 meters (80 in.) wide, the belt-fed sorter maximizes throughput on high-capacity lines. It recognizes objects’ color, size, shape and/or structural properties to remove foreign material and product defects to improve product quality while reducing false rejects to increase yields. The sorter has a production capacity of more than 23 metric tons (50,000 lb.) of product per hour, depending on the application, enabling processors to increase their throughputs by up to 15 percent while conserving floor space. Key Technology, Inc.; Walla Walla, Wash.; 509-529-2161;

Positive displacement pump

The Universal 3 series of positive displacement pumps includes a front-loading seal design to deliver sanitary performance and increased uptime. The pumps are 3-A certified and can be cleaned-in-place as standard. Connection of the rotor and shaft is completely sealed from the product zone to prevent any contamination and to reduce internal corrosion. The front-loaded seals are easy to maintain, reduce maintenance times and are available in a choice of materials and types; including single and double mechanical and O-ring versions to suite a wide variety of process applications. The pumps further provide the versatility of bi-directional flow capability and three-way mounting for easy integration into process systems. Designed for operating up to 500 psi (34.5 bar) pressure and 300°F (149°C) temperature as standard, the values vary depending on the pump size and rating option. SPX Flow Inc.; Charlotte, N.C.; 262-728-4934;

Impingement freezer

The patent-pending Cryoline CWI Cryowave impingement freezer combines dual-action Cryowave product agitation with impingement cryogenic gas flow into a high-capacity chilling solution, said to be ideal for crusting or individually quick freezing sliced and diced chicken, chicken wings, meatballs, sausages and pizza toppings. The company says the freezer can reduce operating costs and increase output by delivering nearly three times the heat transfer rate of traditional modular cryogenic freezers while significantly reducing dehydration losses. Linde LLC; Bridgewater, N.J.; 908-464-8100;

Portable drum handlers

Easily achieve repetitive transport applications with the Ergo-Matic line of portable drum handling equipment. The product family is fully modular and designed for efficient manual handling of a single drum. The line features high-lift capability up to 36 inches to double-stack drums, spark-resistant components for flammable areas, double “Parrot-Beak” clamps for fiber and plastic drums plus special wheels and coatings for FDA-approved applications. Other features and options are available, along with off-the-shelf and custom solutions. Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc., Buffalo Grove, Ill.; 847-325-2930;

Sanitary conveyor line

Devised for use in filling and packaging, modular sanitary conveyors are available in variable lengths from six feet to 30 feet and in custom lengths in a choice of dual or single lanes in variable widths, all with dual, standardized rails and mounting hardware for easy expansion. Rail opening, height and shape may also be easily adjusted. All conveyors feature a proprietary approach that sets food-grade, plastic belting within stainless steel construction in an accessible, adjustable design for easy cleaning. The conveyors include pre-threaded clamping brackets that allow spacing wheels, rotary turntables, transfer plates, reject stations and bottle indexing air cylinders to be quickly attached or removed without drilling holes in the conveyor. Deitz Co.; Wall, N.J.; 732-681-0200;

Vertical-storing dock leveler

Reduce dock shock and increase safety and efficiency with the redesigned RHV-4100 vertical-storing hydraulic dock leveler. RHV levelers are said to provide the smoothest transition from the warehouse floor to the trailer bed. When installed as part of a drive-through application, trucks back up to the loading dock with their doors closed to ensure safety and security. When they are secured at the dock, the trailer’s security seal is broken and the doors are opened into the building. To minimize dock shock, the RHV features a constant-radius rear hinge to create a smooth transition between the leveler and the warehouse floor, while a two-point crown control on the front lip hinge distributes the load evenly between the leveler and the trailer bed and extends the hinge life. Rite-Hite; Milwaukee; 800-456-0600;

Pulverize, grind, crush or mix

The supplier's multi-row cage mills pulverize, grind, crush and/or mix abrasive and non-abrasive materials – wet, sticky or dry. Fine, uniform grinds of up to 240 tons per hour. Reversible for extended wear life. Single-, two-, four- or six-row cage assemblies are available. Optional heaters and air cannons reduce buildup of wet and sticky materials. A quick-opening housing provides minimum downtime during maintenance. Cage inspection requires about five minutes, complete change-out in as little as one hour. Stedman Machine Co.; Aurora, Ind.; 812-926-0038,

Stainless steel camera

The 360-degree Evolution Stainless Steel camera is certified by NSF International for Standard 169 - Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices. The camera is also IP69K and IK-10 rated for protection against water and dust ingress. The enclosure is constructed from electropolished marine-grade 316 stainless steel, which resists corrosion and rusting when compared to traditional steel. The enclosure is suitable for harsh environments and guarantees a smooth finish, which allows for easier sanitation and gives a premium look and feel to the camera. Oncam; Billerica, Mass.; 978-735-4860;

Mobile screw conveyor for manual dumping

Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor with multi-purpose hood transfers material discharged from bulk bags and/or manually dumped from handheld sacks into elevated process equipment or storage vessels dust-free. Mounted on a frame with locking casters for in-plant mobility, the system improves mobility and reduces cost by eliminating heavy frame components typically employed to support bulk bags, relying on the user's forklift or plant hoist to suspend the bag above the unit during operation. An iris valve positioned atop the dust hood allows variable control of flow through the bulk bag spout. A bag support tray and hinged door allow the manual addition of minor ingredients from handheld sacks. Flexicon Corp.; Bethlehem, Pa.; 888-353-9426;