Equipment Round Up: October 2018

Our editors selected the following equipment products to feature in our October 2018 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

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Sanitary tubular cable conveyer moves material while leaving minimal waste

The Flexi-Disc sanitary tubular cable conveyer for fragile bulk foods allows rapid system washdown between production runs. It moves bulk material using high-strength, one-piece polymer discs affixed to polymer-coated 304 or 316 stainless steel cable, which slide within smooth stainless steel tubing, moving fragile products gently and dust-free. The discs evacuate the conveyor tubing of material when a conveying cycle is finished, almost eliminating wasted product. Material clinging to the cable and disc assembly can be removed continually during operation by either stiff bristles or a residual return chute that dislodges material and returns it to the product stream. Flexicon Corp.; Bethlehem, Pa.; 888-353-9426;

Laser coding for Kwik Lok closures

The Kwik Lok 912 eSolarMark Fiber is a laser-coding system for Kwik Lok closures, the result of joint development between Kwik Lok and Matthews Marking Systems. The laser printing system allows you to add permanent text, dates, times, serial numbers, 2D codes and graphics at a rate of up to 120 closures per minute. It maximizes marketing efforts at a low cost of ownership. It’s a clean, eco-friendly coding system that consumes low power and eliminates the need for ink and solvents. It’s also easy to use with a convenient touchscreen, message design software and multiple languages. Simply connect it to your ERP, MRP or SAP system for automated data download. Kwik Lok; Union Gap, Wash.; 800-688-5945;

Fully automated snack cake line designed for high-speed production

This snack cake line was designed for high-speed production and reduced labor needs. It comprises multi-row indexing conveyor, automatic tray denester, spray release agent applicator, roll-away batter depositor and dual moist streusel depositors. Automatic tray placement eliminates added labor requirements. The spray release agent’s accurate and targeted application helps to improve product quality and de-panning efficiency. The batter depositor offers ease of setup, operation, sanitation and maintenance and was designed specifically to ensure long-lasting accuracy. The system also targets moist streusel or dry toppings onto the snack cake batter and spreads the toppings onto the cake. Hinds-Bock Corp.; Bothell, Wash.; 877-292-5715;

Inclined agitation protects ingredients

Growing demand for products that feature fresh-cut or “home style” ingredients has created new challenges for food manufacturers. As production scales, it becomes more difficult to efficiently maintain product integrity for vegetables, fruit, meat chunks and other ingredients that must stay intact. By combining a hemispherical-bottom kettle with the company’s innovative inclined agitator, food processors can solve this challenge and produce consistent batch-to-batch quality that can scale efficiently, even for products that rely on solid ingredients. Inclined agitators are available in both single-motion and double-motion, as well as varying degrees of inclination. Lee Industries; Philipsburg, Pa.; 814-342-0461;

On-demand label printer function at high speeds

The LP-100R on-demand label printer is stand-alone, high-speed unit that eliminates the need to inventory distinct labels for each product. It offers high resolution and print wear resistance on a variety of substrates to help maximize label quality and permanence. Featuring UV curing, the drop-on-demand (DOD) device can print linear bar codes, serialized 2D data matrix bar codes and human-readable codes, as well as high-impact visual graphics in full color or black-and-white at speeds as high as 4,700 in./min. The printer is CE-marked and UL-certified. Weiler Labeling Systems; Moorestown, N.J.; 856-273-3377;

High-speed dispersers feature two-hand safety controls

These high-speed dispersers feature two-hand safety controls for raising and lowering the mixing head. The two-hand system requires two push buttons to be pressed and maintained to allow the hydraulic lift’s operation, ensuring the operator’s hands are clear from contact with moving parts. These dispensers are used primarily to incorporate powders into liquid. Running at tip speeds as high as approximately 5,000 ft./min., the dispenser’s open disc blade generates vigorous flow and a characteristic vortex into which dry ingredients are added for quick wet-out. This mixer can handle product viscosities as great as 50,000 centipoise. Charles Ross & Son Co.; Hauppauge, N.Y.; 800-243-0500;

Precise, consistent snack food seasoning coverage

The FastBack Revolution On-Machine Seasoning (OMS) system provides consistent coverage and simplifies snack food seasoning. Brand consistency is a key to long-term success, so variability of seasoning coverage can be a problem in snack food manufacturing. This unit combines the superior seasoning performance of the patented dynamic AccuFlavor Tumble Drum, the efficiency of the Modular Dust Collection System, and the advanced FastBack Model 260E-G3 into one compact, cost-efficient, standalone unit designed to overcome seasoning challenges at the weigher. Heat and Control; Hayward, Calif.; 510-259 0500;

Flow switch monitor

Users, specifiers and designers of industrial-grade ovens and furnaces will find the FS10i Flow Switch Monitor provides a ruggedized, ultra-reliable ventilation air flow switch in compliance with the requirements of the NFPA Standard 86 for Ovens and Furnaces. The dual function FS10i is particularly useful in air flow safety-related applications because of its superior low flow detection and repeatability, no moving parts reliability and SIL 2 compliant integrity. The FS10i provides both a relay output for low flow trip point detection and a continuous 4-20mA flow monitoring output. The trip point and user settable functions are easily user set in the field under actual operating conditions using simple, tactile feedback buttons. The switch operates over a wide flow range from 0.25 FPS to 400 SFPS [0,076 MPS to 122 MPS] and is designed for simple insertion into 0.5-inch (13mm) or larger diameter venting pipes and square ducts. Fluid Components International; San Marcos, Calif.; 760-744-6950;

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