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Equipment Round Up: April 2018

Our editors selected the following equipment to feature in our April 2018 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Stand-alone dust collector

Protect operators and improve plant hygiene while eliminating material waste with new stand-alone dust collectors. They remove airborne dust from upstream processes and discharge it into containers positioned below the collection hopper. Any upstream process that generates dust can be vented to the system through hard piping or a flexible connection, drawing dust onto dual filter cartridges. At timed intervals, an automatic reverse-pulse filter cleaning system releases short blasts of compressed plant air inside the filters, causing dust build-up on the outer filter surfaces to fall into the hopper. An indicator light on the control panel notifies the operator when the receiving hopper is full. Cleaning is efficient with a stainless steel housing with NEMA 4X water-resistant controls and wash-down-duty fan motor.
Flexicon Corp.; Bethlehem, Pa.; 888-353-9426; www.flexicon.com

Digital panel meter

See data from farther distances with the DPM-100 digital panel meter that features a large, LED display visible in sunlight, fog and dust from yards away. Compatible with Modbus-enabled sensors, the meter can be programmed as a Modbus RTU master, slave or snooper. The device continuously scans for up to 16 process variables providing real-time data to measure, monitor and control multiple vessels. Simple keypad controls allow users to set and acknowledge alarms and manage output relays. Alerts prevent overfilling or material outages for storage vessels containing liquids, powders, or solids. Large upper and lower dual-line LED displays can be configured to view your most important measurements.
BinMaster; Lincoln, Neb.; 800-278-4241; www.binmaster.com

Uniflow jacket delivers faster heating and cooling

Higher production batch rates, lower production costs and more consistent batch processing can be achieved with the Uniflow Jacket. This uniquely engineered jacket accelerates batch heat-up and cool-down times by rapidly and uniformly moving steam or hot/cold water in a single direction through a tightly wound, stainless steel coil, applying the right temperature to the jacketed vessel sidewall. It outperforms dimpled jackets, the vendor claims, by maximizing throughput and consistency, reducing leak risks and improving structural integrity. Heating and cooling zones make this jacket even more energy efficient and versatile for all size operations.
Lee Industries; Philipsburg, Pa.; 814-342-0461; leeind.com

Precision grinders

Meet the demands of small batch spice companies looking for high quality grind profiles with the precision disc-style GPX and GP-140 grinders. Designed for capacities of 200-1,000 lb./hr., the grinders run continuously while maintaining a tight particle size distribution. A water-cooled option prevents heat buildup for extended continuous operation. The GPX uses 5.5-in. diameter “diamond hard” grinding discs that are precision-cut to optimize the cutting action with infinite adjustment control, resulting in cool, uniform grinds ideal for any spice. The GP-140 uses larger 7.1-in. diameter discs for greater volume. Several hopper sizes and covers are available.
Modern Process Equipment Corp.; Chicago; 773-254-3929; www.mpechicago.com

Automation software

Design, build and commission automation systems with the updated Studio 5000 integrated development environment. The latest software release includes a new user interface that provides a common, modern look across all Studio 5000 applications, and includes updates to help engineers improve productivity from design to deployment, including several programming languages and text editor with collapsible code segments and inline value monitoring. The new Logix tag-based alarm functionality allows engineers to add alarms to structures and manage them in a single environment, which helps save time by avoiding the need for programming. The update also includes new drive safety instructions in accordance with IEC 61800-5-2, and motion instructions for expanded kinematic support. The user interface includes multi-monitor support and tabbed views to help improve usability and reduce design time.
Rockwell Automation; Milwaukee; 414-382-2000; www.rockwellautomation.com

Double seat valve heads

Dairy producers can save up to 90 percent on cleaning-in-place equipment with the LEFF (Low Emission Flip Flop) water-economizing function on the company’s valve heads. Approved under the U.S. Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) for control function for double-seat valves, the 24/7 PMO 2.0 Valve range is for use in non-aseptic dairy processes where milk is drawn off, stored, distributed and filled. Sealing zones on the valves can be cleaned separately by LEFF with their sealing function entirely retained. This means that they can work around the clock, regardless of process run-times and product pressures, without interrupting production for CIP.
GEA; Naperville, Ill.; 630-369-8100; www.gea.com

X-ray inspection system

Improve product safety and achieve compliance efficiently with the EPX100 X-ray system for the inspection of packaged foods. The system is said to be ideal for bakery, confectionery, produce, ready meal, snack food, and personal care industries. The EPX100 detects and automatically rejects potential contaminants including glass shards, metal fragments, mineral stones, some plastic and rubber compounds and calcified bones. The system inspects products in cartons, plastic containers and pouches, among other formats.
Eagle Product Inspection; Orland Park, Ill.; 877-379-1670; www.eaglepi.com

Level indicators

Accurately detect material levels of bulk solids with level indicators that operate as high, mid- and low-level indicators for materials ranging from low-density flakes and powders to pellets and heavy granular materials. Specialized units can be used in temperatures exceeding 300°F and below freezing temperatures and refrigerated services. Applications vary from flour, grains or soy to flavorings, spices and additives. The level detectors contain no moving parts, gaskets or seals and rely on mechanical oscillations to determine if the probe is covered or uncovered. Signals from the detector operate a single-pole, double-throw relay within the control unit and the relay contacts can be used to actuate alarms, indicator lights or process control equipment.
Automation Products/Dynatrol Division; Houston; 800-231-2062; www.dynatrolusa.com

Certified control panels

The company’s touchscreen control panels for purge systems are now certified by Underwriters Laboratories’ UL-698A Code and the National Fire Protection Assn.’s NFPA-496 Code. UL-698A covers industrial control panels designed for hazardous locations, including the use of intrinsically safe barriers. NFPA-496 standards relate to purged and pressurized enclosures. Purge systems are an alternative to traditional NEMA 7, 9 explosion-proof enclosures and are suitable for most all hazardous locations. Purge panel enclosures can be NEMA 4 carbon steel or NEMA 4x stainless steel depending upon regulatory or aesthetic requirements.
Ross Systems and Controls (SysCon)
Charles Ross & Son Co.; Hauppauge, N.Y.; 912-238-5800; www.mixers.com

Hygienic bag dump station

The hygienic bag dump station ensures sanitary processing environments for manually emptying bulk solid materials. Offered in both filtered and non-filtered styles, the dump station features interior and exterior finishes to meet 3-A sanitary requirements, ferrules mounted for use with clean-in-place (CIP) skid and large openings that enable a sanitary method for internal CIP cleaning. In addition, a removable internal bag rest and diaphragm bodies are all stainless steel as opposed to others on the market that use aluminum.
Schenck Process; Whitewater, Wis.; 800-558-0184; www.schenckprocess.com

Stainless steel camera

The 360-degree Evolution Stainless Steel camera is certified by NSF International for Standard 169 - Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices. The camera is also IP69K and IK-10 rated for protection against water and dust ingress. The enclosure is constructed from electropolished marine-grade 316 stainless steel, which resists corrosion and rusting when compared to traditional steel. The enclosure is suitable for harsh environments and guarantees a smooth finish, which allows for easier sanitation and gives a premium look and feel to the camera.
Oncam; Billerica, Mass.; 978-735-4860; www.oncamgrandeye.com

Portable drum handlers

Easily achieve repetitive transport applications with the Ergo-Matic line of portable drum handling equipment. The product family is fully modular and designed for efficient manual handling of a single drum. The line features high-lift capability up to 36 inches to double-stack drums, spark-resistant components for flammable areas, double “Parrot-Beak” clamps for fiber and plastic drums plus special wheels and coatings for FDA-approved applications. Other features and options are available, along with off-the-shelf and custom solutions.
Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc., Buffalo Grove, Ill.; 847-325-2930; www.liftomatic.com