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Equipment Round Up: May 2018

Our editors selected the following equipment to feature in our May 2018 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Double-motion agitators maximize consistency

Mixing high-viscosity products with ingredients that require gentle blending or folding action is one of the most challenging mixing applications in the food industry. Double-Motion Agitators are unique in that the unitary, single-motor design is engineered to protect expensive ingredients while maximizing product consistency. The exclusive double-action drive eliminates the drawbacks found in two-motor drives. These agitators minimize mechanical failures and safety risks, use less electricity, assure product consistency, and provide years of continuous, trouble-free service for demanding processing applications.
Lee Industries; Philipsburg, Pa.; 814-342-0461; leeind.com

Sanitary conveyor scraper blade

An optional scraper blade on sanitary conveyors helps remove bulk food product carry-back and prevent it from falling off at various points on the conveyor. Bulk product, especially sticky food product, can adhere to the conveyor belt and be difficult to release at the appropriate time, resulting in product loss plus housekeeping and conveyor maintenance problems. The scraper blade offers an uncomplicated design with stainless steel components and food grade materials that limit crevices and opportunities for bacteria growth.
Dynamic Conveyor Corp.; Norton Shores, Mich.; 800-640-6850; www.dynamicconveyor.com

Two more vacuum conveyors

The vendor's vacuum conveying product range includes the Signature Series, now available in 1500 Series and 3500 Series models. Standard or sanitary design options include offset cone or straight-wall tube design - for free flowing to non-free flowing powders, pellets, and pastilles, including high moisture, fibrous or fat content powders. The 1500 Series conveys up to 1,500 lbs/hr (680 kg/hr), featuring a 12-in. diameter receiver with large 6-in. discharge valve in stainless steel construction, with offset cone or tube design options. The 3500 Series offers conveying rates up to 3,500 lbs/hr (1,600 kg/r) with 16-in. diameter receiver with large 8-in. discharge valve, available in offset cone or tube design, with vacuum producer options that include single or twin jet venturi, regen blower, or vacuum pump.
Vac-U-Max; Belleville, N.J.; 973-759-4600; www.vac-u-max.com/SignatureSeries

Sanitary high-lift box dumper

Move material from boxes into a mobile bin with the Tip-Tite bulk transfer system, a vibratory feeder that services multiple downstream processes. All stainless-steel construction allows handling of corrosive materials and washdown between runs of contamination-sensitive food. Boxes are loaded at floor level and raised hydraulically to seat against a discharge hood. The assembly is then hydraulically elevated and tipped, which mates the spout of the discharge hood to a gasketed receiving ring installed on the lid of the mobile bin. Once the bin is rolled or forklifted to a downstream process, material flows through a pneumatically actuated slide gate into a vibratory feeder equipped with eccentric weights for gentle, volumetric metering.
Flexicon Corp.; Bethlehem, Pa.; 888-353-9426; www.flexicon.com

Meal Depositing Lines

Meal depositing lines are available in single- or multi-lane systems for speeds up to 320 meals per minute. The lines feature tray denesters, industrial servo or conventional piston depositors, traveling spout bridges and transfer pumps. The servo depositors are for high-speed applications that require a high degree of accuracy and control of the appearance of the deposit. Accurately fill products such as gravies and sauces on prepared fish, meat and chicken to create value-added entrees. They're also suitable for meals such as macaroni & cheese, noodle casseroles, mashed potatoes and a wide variety of desserts. They're also quick and easy to sanitize.
Hinds-Bock Corp.; Bothell, Wash.; 877-292-5715; www.hinds-bock.com

Double Diaphragm Pump

The SaniForce 2150e is an electrically operated double diaphragm pump designed to support large-scale sanitary and hygienic applications while improving energy efficiency and durability. Featuring a patent-pending air-charged drive, the pump is said to reduce pulsation on fluid outlet and stall under pressure without additional switches and controls, and increase diaphragm life without compromising the fluid. It also allows for self-priming and running dry, making it a viable alternative to rotary lobe, centrifugal and progressive-cavity designs.
Graco Inc.; Minneapolis; 866-361-5929; www.graco.com

Conveyorized weigh filler

Transfer limp, non-free flowing and delicate products with the C-10 automatic linear net-weigh filling system. Motor-operated conveyor belts transfer product from the hopper to the 10 liter pneumatically actuated weigh bucket to dispense product into various package types. The system can be customized for semi-automatic or fully automatic dispensing cycles with single-lane or dual-lane functionality and is designed with an open frame to help reduce cleaning time. The C-10 comes standard with an IP-65 mounted digital camera for online service support along with a Windows operating system enabling users to gather real-time reporting data and production analytics as well as remote control capabilities.
WeighPack Systems; Las Vegas; 702-450-0808; www.weighpack.com

Cone mill

Cone mills are suitable for wet and dry milling, pre-conditioning and de-agglomerating of a wide range of bulk products. The 29.5 in. (750 mm) diameter cone mill, model CGM 750, grinds fatty, heat sensitive, sticky, moist or fragile materials into uniform particle sizes with minimal fines at rates to 35 tons/hr. Vertical material flow and low-energy grinding action with short residence times yield close particle size distribution from 125-250 microns, without the noise, dust, product build-up or heat generation associated with traditional mills. Constructed of 304 or 316 stainless steel to sanitary or industrial standards, the mill is top-driven by a belt drive and equipped with fully interlocked moving components with time-delay function for operator safety. Explosion-containment versions are also available
Kason Corp.; Millburn, N.J.; 973-467-8140; www.kason.com

Bulk bag feeder with weight scale

Fill and weigh product with a bulk bag filler that features a gain-in-weight carbon steel scale system with a 4,000-lb. capacity. The unit also includes a PLC and HMI system that operates customer’s existing slide fate and material feeding system that provides easy access to system status, recipes and operational parameters. The fill head includes an inflatable spout seal system to provide a dust tight seal to the bulk bag fill inlet and an outer dust cowl with a take-off port for connection to an existing dust collection system. In addition, the unit features heavy-duty tubular carbon steel frame construction and is adjustable for bag size flexibility.
Material Transfer; Allegan, Mich.; 800-836-7068; www.materialtransfer.com

Valve positioner

Ensure operator safety and reliable process flow with the Südmo SensoTop valve position unit. The unit uses inductive solenoid coils that allow feedback fields of the individual valve positions to be defined and programmed by a simple keystroke. The enclosed design of the SensoTop is said to eliminate all crushing hazards and ensures optimized external cleaning, even when mounted below process tanks. An all-round 360-degree LED display provides constant visibility to the valve position from every angle.
Pentair; Delavan, Wis.; 262-725-9026; www.pentair.com

VSD air compressor for extreme environments

Said to be the industry’s first VSD air compressor for extreme conditions, the QGV BadgerXE NEMA4 VSD uses a cabinet cooling system to keep temperatures in check in harsh conditions. It features a thru-the-wall mounted design that separates the drive heat from the enclosure and protects the drive electronics to an IP5X protection degree. The NEMA 4 enclosure protects the enclosed equipment from falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing water and hose-directed water; and against external formation of ice on the enclosure. The Quincy Frequency Drive provides maximum uptime and productivity.
Quincy Compressor; Bay Minette, Ala.; 251-937-5900; www.quincycompressor.com

Vibratory conveyor

The Iso-Flo vibratory conveyor is designed for integration with a metal detector to inspect bulk foods on processing and packaging distribution lines. Compared to traditional plastic or fabric belt conveyor systems integrated with metal detectors, this vibratory conveyor combines three conveyor bed sections—a stainless steel infeed, a non-metallic section that passes through the metal detector’s aperture and a final stainless-steel section with a reject device. The infeed section can incorporate a screen capability to scalp or remove fines, small particles or water, if needed. Reject device options include a pneumatic gate within the shaker bed that opens and closes or a slide chute at the discharge of the shaker bed that switches direction if metal contamination is detected. Standard oil-free drives, elastomer isolators, scalloped flat bars, patented stainless steel ground arms and minimal laminations maximize equipment hygiene and help meet rising sanitary standards and regulatory requirements.
Key Technology; Walla Walla, Wash.; 509-529-2161; www.key.net

X-ray inspection system

Improve product safety and achieve compliance efficiently with the EPX100 X-ray system for the inspection of packaged foods. The system is said to be ideal for bakery, confectionery, produce, ready meal, snack food, and personal care industries. The EPX100 detects and automatically rejects potential contaminants including glass shards, metal fragments, mineral stones, some plastic and rubber compounds and calcified bones. The system inspects products in cartons, plastic containers and pouches, among other formats.
Eagle Product Inspection; Orland Park, Ill.; 877-379-1670; www.eaglepi.com

Level indicators

Accurately detect material levels of bulk solids with level indicators that operate as high, mid- and low-level indicators for materials ranging from low-density flakes and powders to pellets and heavy granular materials. Specialized units can be used in temperatures exceeding 300°F and below freezing temperatures and refrigerated services. Applications vary from flour, grains or soy to flavorings, spices and additives. The level detectors contain no moving parts, gaskets or seals and rely on mechanical oscillations to determine if the probe is covered or uncovered. Signals from the detector operate a single-pole, double-throw relay within the control unit and the relay contacts can be used to actuate alarms, indicator lights or process control equipment.
Automation Products/Dynatrol Division; Houston; 800-231-2062; www.dynatrolusa.com

Stainless steel camera

The 360-degree Evolution Stainless Steel camera is certified by NSF International for Standard 169 - Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices. The camera is also IP69K and IK-10 rated for protection against water and dust ingress. The enclosure is constructed from electropolished marine-grade 316 stainless steel, which resists corrosion and rusting when compared to traditional steel. The enclosure is suitable for harsh environments and guarantees a smooth finish, which allows for easier sanitation and gives a premium look and feel to the camera.
Oncam; Billerica, Mass.; 978-735-4860; www.oncamgrandeye.com

Portable drum handlers

Easily achieve repetitive transport applications with the Ergo-Matic line of portable drum handling equipment. The product family is fully modular and designed for efficient manual handling of a single drum. The line features high-lift capability up to 36 inches to double-stack drums, spark-resistant components for flammable areas, double “Parrot-Beak” clamps for fiber and plastic drums plus special wheels and coatings for FDA-approved applications. Other features and options are available, along with off-the-shelf and custom solutions.
Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc., Buffalo Grove, Ill.; 847-325-2930; www.liftomatic.com