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Ingredient Round Up: March 2018

Our editors selected the following ingredients to feature in our March 2018 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

These products appeared in our March 2018 issue. Download your copy of the digital issue

Spice girls reunion

The Spice Collection of flavors adds a touch of natural sophistication and complexity to food and beverage products. A modern twist places Black Pepper, Pink Peppercorn, Star Anise, Clove Bud and Saffron firmly in the beverage arena, while their inherent heat means that Cinnamon, Capsicum, Cardamom and Liquorice add warmth to bakery and dairy. Completing this collection, Juniper Berry is suitable for meat-based savories, and it even works brilliantly in beer. Sensient Flavors; Hoffman Estates, Ill.; 847-755-5300; www.sensientflavorsandfragrances.com

Clean-label chilled food preservative

Preserve dips, spreads and deli-style salads with Verdad Ovvio 410, a clean label solution that is a natural alternative to artificial ingredients like sorbates and benzoates. Produced through the fermentation of cane sugar combined with specialty vinegar, Verdad Ovvio 410 is a natural solution used to control microbial spoilage in chilled salads, maintaining quality and flavor. It is suited to a wide range of chilled applications from potato salad and coleslaw to refrigerated sauces and dips. In addition to boosting food safety, the ingredient also enhances savory notes, such as tomato, spices and herbs, while ensuring end products maintain a fresh taste. The ingredient is non-genetically modified as well as allergen and gluten-free. Corbion; Lenexa, Ka.; 800-669-4092; www.corbion.com

Looks and feels like meat

Achieve the appearance and texture of meat in vegetarian products and meat, poultry and seafood enhancement applications with TruTex textured protein. The ingredient is sourced from non-GMO wheat and takes on the appearance and texture of meat when hydrated, including fibrous structure of chicken and pulled pork, and crumbled beef. This is said to make the ingredient ideal for producing beef-like patties, fillings for tacos, burritos and wraps, as well as principal ingredients for sloppy joe mixes, chili and similar dishes. TruTex is available in a variety of sizes and shapes that include shreds, flakes and small particles. Depending on type, it is offered in up to three different colors: light tan, caramel and dark caramel. MGP; Atchison, Kan.; 913-367-1480; www.mgpingredients.com

Paprika oleoresins

Achieve sweeter paprika flavor notes and higher color values with low heat pungency with powder made with paprika oleoresin obtained from a variety of Capsicum Annum L. Practice has shown that 1kg of paprika oleoresin replaces 12-15kg of paprika powder with respect to color intensity. The company’s paprika oleoresin is offered in both oil and water-soluble forms with color value ranging from 3,000cu up to 200,000cu and are available in pails, drums, crates or batch packed to fit specific applications. Henry Broch Foods; Gurnee, Ill.; 847-816-6255; www.hbroch.com

Green tea TBHQ replacement

A recent study shows how the company’s oil-soluble green tea extract NaturFort LGR 105 can be used in par-fried meat and poultry applications including deli meats to replace tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) while still providing flavor stabilization to the frying oil used for par-fried foods. The study results indicate that oil-soluble green tea extract provides equal performance to traditionally used TBHQ, while sensory evaluation of the oil-soluble green tea extract showed no negative sensory impact to flavor, color or quality attributes of the meat. Kemin Industries; Des Moines, Iowa; 515-559-5100; www.kemin.com

Low-sugar glucose syrups

Reduce the amount of sugar on labels with Versasweet, a line of low-sugar glucose syrups. They allow manufacturers of confectionery, dairy, ice cream and baked good products to reduce sugar by formulating with low-sugar corn- or tapioca-based glucose syrups that, compared to standard glucose syrups, have a lower percentage of mono- and disaccharides (DP1 + DP2). Low viscosity and non-GMO versions are also available. The syrups can offer a 50 percent or higher reduction of DP1 + DP2, depending on the glucose syrup being replaced. The range of ingredients is about one-third as sweet as sucrose. It is said to have a clean-taste and similar functionality to traditional glucose syrups and is stable when exposed to heat and acid, with a low Maillard reactivity. Depending on the syrup chosen, it can be labeled as glucose syrup, corn syrup or tapioca syrup. Ingredion; Westchester, Ill.; 800-713-0208; www.ingredion.us

Buckwheat, amaranth ingredients

Two new ingredients have been validated and added to the IntegriPure line—buckwheat and amaranth. The IntegriPure line is a chemical-free microbial 5-log reduction process solution that is said to provide natural food safety assurance with a sustainable, vertically integrated supply chain. Launched last year, the rotation-based system evenly distributes dry, saturated steam heat for consistent pasteurization, and the quick-cooling vacuum ensures ingredient stability and quality. Healthy Food Ingredients; Fargo, N.D.; 844-275-3443; www.hfifamily.com

Canola hybrid reduces sat fats

Reduce saturated fat by 35 percent and maintain performance and taste with a hybrid canola oil that contains 4.5 percent or less saturated fat while maintaining high fry and shelf life, freshness and taste. The oil, joining the supplier's Clear Valley portfolio, is the product of a canola hybrid, which was developed through traditional breeding methods, with a focus on club root and black leg disease resistance, as well as strong yield performance. First deliveries of the oil will reach customers in early 2018. Cargill; Minneapolis; 800-227-4455; www.cargill.com

Zero-calorie sweetener

Sunett acesulfame potassium (ace-K) is an artificial sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than sugar and is said to have a pure taste without any lingering aftertaste. Available in four different pharmaceutical and food grades, the ingredient is ideal for beverages, especially soft drinks; flavored water; cocktails; sport and energy drinks; dairy products such as yogurt and smoothies; baked goods; and confectionery products. The sweetener can be customized and blended to specific formulation requirements for no-calorie solutions. Celanese; Irving, Texas; 800-786-3883; www.celanese.com/food-ingredients