Ingredient Round Up: January 2018

See which ingredients Food Processing’s editors hand-picked to highlight for this month’s issue of Food Processing magazine.

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The following products recently appeared in the Ingredient Round-up in our January 2018 issue of Food Processing magazine. To download your own copy of the digital version, visit our January page.

aromatechHojicha flavor

Hojicha is a green tea flavor of Japanese origins with burnt, malted and tea leaf note. It's available for various applications, including: tea, milk, liquor and syrup. The flavor is free of additives, colorings and alcohol, and is halal certified.
Aromatech Flavorings, Inc.; Orlando, Fla.; 407-277-5727;

Slowly digestible carbohydrate

Achieve balanced, sustained energy with a clean label with Sustra 2434 slowly digestible carbohydrate. The ingredient promotes a lower glycemic index and steadier blood sugar levels over an extended period, leading to balanced, long-lasting energy. Made from native corn starch and tapioca flour, the ingredient is gluten- and FODMAP-free and has no adverse osmotic or digestive-tolerance effects, and is said to be ideal for energy-focused nutritional products including bars, shakes, mixes, snacks and supplements.
Ingredion; Westchester, Ill.; 708-551-2600;

A shot of weight reduction

Protein and fiber are known for creating a feeling of fullness and therefore helping in weight reduction and maintenance. The ingredient vendor has combined 15g of its Lacprodan whey protein and more than 3g of fiber into a prototypical, 100ml, pre-meal shot. In addition to being high in protein (15g), fiber (>3g) and calcium and a source of phosphorous, it induces a lower blood glucose rise after consumption, according to studies done in collaboration with researchers at the University of Newcastle in the UK.
Arla Foods Ingredients; Basking Ridge, N.J.; 908-604-8551;

Functional native starches

In response to growing consumer demand for simple, familiar ingredients, SimPure functional native starches help food & beverage manufacturers deliver simple ingredient labels with greater process tolerance, shelf life and storage stability. The first product in the portfolio, SimPure 99560, was created for use in culinary and convenience applications, such as frozen foods. A custom starch blend of various botanical sources, it can replace modified starches in frozen-ready meals, without compromising taste, texture or appearance and is said to provide optimal freeze-heat stability in mild processing conditions, preventing water separation and producing stable functionality over time
Cargill; Minneapolis; 800-227-4455;

Organic seasonings

With the organic market expected to grow by 60 percent between 2016 and 2021 to $745 million, the company's portfolio of 20 seasoning blends is pending organic certification with QAI. The initial launch features five seasoning blends in each of four product categories: dairy, barbeque, sweet and heat. The company worked to overcome challenges related to supply chain and sourcing, seasoning development, manufacturing/blending, third-party certification and regulatory support to offer certified USDA Organic ingredients.
Symrise; Teterboro, N.J.; 201-288-3200;

Blue line of cheese cultures

To answer rising interest in blue cheeses worldwide, a line of cultures has been developed for blue cheese applications. To date, the range includes four products. Three Flav-Antage blue penicillium roqueforti in liquid form are designed to bring the typical colors of blue cheese, develop its uniquely delicate to tangy taste and deliver the texture found in cheeses such as Gorgonzola, Danablu and Stilton. Lalcult Blue LN1029, a heterofermentative gas-producing culture, relies on a strain of Leuconostoc mesenteroides that perfectly opens the curd of soft blue cheeses to allow for the blue mold growth.
Lallemand Specialty Cultures; France; +33 (0) 562 745 555;

Passionfruit flavor

Passionfruit is becoming a staple flavor and key ingredient in the food and beverage industry. The exotic fruit is said to be versatile in a variety of foods and beverages, and has the potential to impact American cuisine. According to the company, the ingredient will help make food and beverage products stand out in dessert, drink and confectionary applications.
iTi Tropicals; Lawrenceville, N.J.; 609-987-0550;

Fast-melt maltodextrin

Maltrin FM fast-melt maltodextrin is designed to quickly melt in your mouth with no grittiness or unpleasant flavors. The fast melting action and neutral flavor is said to make it an excellent carrier of other ingredients. The fast-melting powder can be applied directly into the mouth with no water needed and quickly dissolves releasing the active ingredient, flavors and/or other ingredients.
Grain Processing Corp.; Muscatine, Iowa; 563-264-4265;

WildBlueberries20 years of wild blueberry research

20 years of research has found wild blueberries, particularly the antioxidants within, have many health benefits. Wild blueberries can aid: brain health and cognition, cancer, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, gut health, hearth health and general metabolism. Researchers also have found that many impacts are interrelated -- what affects the eyes affects the brain affects the gut, etc.

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