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Ingredient Round Up: April 2018

Our editors selected the following ingredients to feature in our April 2018 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Blueberries complement and enhance

In flavor combinations with spices, botanicals, floral, citrus and herbaceous, blueberries complement and enhance as well as balance flavors. Their elusive sweetness adds excitement to the smoky, caramelized or spice- and salt-accented product trends gaining such popularity today. The use of blueberries in formats like powders, concentrates or purees makes for  fruit-flavored creations, no matter the season. Utilizing real fruit, such as blueberries, is a benefit to product formulators: for natural sweetness, added fiber, beautiful color, nutrients, healthy halo effect.
U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council; San Mateo, Calif.; 650-546-2135; www.blueberrytech.org

USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified Stevia

Pyure Organic Stevia is the heart of a number of spinoff products from the company that claims to have the first USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO Project Verified stevia. New introductions include caramel, chocolate and hazelnut liquids; a confectioners blend; Sugar Free Maple Flavored Syrup; Sugar Free Honey Alternative; as well as Organic Liquid Stevia in Original and Vanilla flavors.
Pyure Brands; Naples, Fla.; pyureorganic.com

Where can you use chickpea flour?

Artesa chickpea flour is whiter than conventional chickpea flours. It delivers a taste profile similar to premium wheat flours, along with great mouthfeel and texture characteristics. In formulations, it offers wheat flour functionality and has a very low (1 percent) oil content. It can be used virtually anywhere you'd use a wheat flour -- bread and baked goods, higher-protein and -fiber snacks, creative soups and sauces, vegetarian/vegan products. In pasta, you can get taste and texture that rivals premium semolina flour -- and it's easy on your processing Plus it's gluten-free.
PLT Health Solutions; Morristown, N.J.; 973-984-0900; www.plthealth.com

Ingredient systems line

Achieve desired texture and stability with clean labels with the Simplistica ingredient systems line – which includes hydrocolloids, starches, plant proteins, sweeteners and more with. These ingredient systems help developers provide a nutritionally and texturally sound product using ingredients selected by the supplier's R&D team. For example, Simplistica BK 6202 is a new ingredient system that uses hydrocolloids and pea protein concentrate to optimize the formulation of cookies and other baked goods that carry enhanced label claims. Simplistica YG 3206 uses faba bean and stabilizers to optimize vegan yogurt fortified with protein.
TIC Gums; White Marsh, Md.; 800-899-3953; www.ticgums.com

Medium-chain triglycerides

The company says adding its Captex medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) to a daily diet can enhance ketone development, which can provide over 60 percent of the needed energy for the brain. In addition, the medium-chain triglycerides are said to provide quick energy for the body and enhance overall focus throughout the day. Available in non-GMO, C8, C10 & C8/10 blends in both powder and liquid form.
Abitec; Columbus, Ohio; 800-555-1255; www.abiteccorp.com

Clean-label fat replacer

Meet nutritional targets from both government regulation and consumer expectations of lower fat foods with Delyte 9 clean label fat replacer. The ingredient is said to achieve 50 percent fat reduction in dessert and meal applications. The tapioca-based product is currently in use with manufacturers and has a back of back ingredient declaration as simply tapioca starch. It is also non-GM, allergen free and vegan friendly.
Ulrick & Short; Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England; +44(0)1977 62 00 11; www.cleanlabelingredients.com

Thickener and stabilizer

Gum karaya, a natural gum exudation from the stems and branches of Sterculia trees, has been used for many centuries in traditional African and Indian cooking. The company’s flash-heated ingredient is suitable in food applications as an adhesive compound, bulking agent, thickening agent for the formulation of coatings, fillings, dressings, desserts and emulsified sauces. It is a non-starch polysaccharide, vegetal and 100 percent natural gum.
Farbest Brands; Park Ridge, N.J.; 800-897-6096; www.farbest.com

Sweet potato powder

Incorporate the health benefits of sweet potatoes with sweet potato powder. Long recognized for their nutritional benefits, sweet potatoes contain a concentrated dose of important daily nutrients, including calcium, iron, vitamin A and protein. The sweet potato powder is said to maintain the integrity of the vegetable’s nutrients while transforming it into a powder with versatile application. The powder is also clean label and ideal for baby foods, beverages and snacks.
BI; Rancho Dominguez, Calif.; 310-669-2100; www.binutraceuticals.com

Organic seasonings

With the organic market expected to grow by 60 percent between 2016 and 2021, to upwards of $745 million, the company released a portfolio of 20 seasoning blends pending organic certification with QAI. The initial launch features five blends in each of four product categories: dairy, barbeque, sweet and heat. The company says it worked diligently to overcome challenges related to supply chain and sourcing, seasoning development, manufacturing/blending, third party certification and regulatory support to offer consumers certified USDA Organic seasonings.
Symrise; Teterboro, N.J.; 201-288-3200; www.symrise.com

Plant-based alertness formula

A plant-based alertness formula received a U.S. patent and is said to provide an awakening effect to counteract the post-lunch dip when fatigue, drowsiness and foggy thinking is often reported. The formula incorporates functional extracts of guarana, ginkgo biloba and elderberry, and is sweetened by a low-glycemic fruit extract. The WakeUp prototype drink recently won “Best Functional Drink” awards in Europe and the U.S. The company now has two formulas: WakeUp for dietary supplements and Rhythm for beverages.
InnoBev Ltd.; Tel Aviv, Israel; 972-352-11778; www.drinkwakeup.com

Ingredient portfolio

Stay current with industry trends to drive new product development with a portfolio of performance ingredients in addition to technical expertise. Ingredients include healthy, label-friendly choices such as reduced sodium and fat, calcium and vitamin fortification, and gluten-free options without any reduction in taste and mouthfeel. Other ingredients include: texturants, fat replacements, thickeners, emulsifiers, sweeteners, citric acid, preservatives, alkalis and leavening agents.
Univar; Downers Grove, Ill.; 331-777-6000; www.univar.com

Chickpea flour matches wheat without the gluten

Artesa chickpea flour is a nutritional, gluten-free flour that can match wheat flours for taste, texture, mouthfeel and formulation functionality. It delivers a taste profile similar to premium wheat flours, along with great mouthfeel and texture characteristics. It is a great option for consumer-pleasing, gluten-free food products such as breads, baked goods and pasta.
Nutriati Inc.; Henrico, Va.; 804-562-2322; www.artesaflour.com