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When is the Right Time to Invest in Food Safety?

With a strong economy and rising throughput, the money and the need are both there.

The stakes in food safety get higher each year. Imagine the civil and criminal liability for injuring consumers. The reputation damage to your brand and your company (from which you may never recover). Pressures from your downstream retail customers and shared liability with your upstream suppliers. And the regulatory repercussions from government agencies that are being pressured to increase their oversight.

Each of those "costs" increases every year.

You can count on one hand the food safety incidents that arise because of intentional contamination. Far and away, the bulk is attributable to little mistakes or missteps, someone cutting corners with effort, record-keeping or funding. Violators didn't mean for anyone to get hurt. How did these bugs get in here anyway?

So this is no time to be cheap with food safety. This is the time to invest in the most sanitary of equipment and processes.

But how do you determine what to invest in? Food Processing recently partnered with Baldor to launch a new Special Report that focuses on understanding how all of the components of a manufacturing plant tie together. Read this report to understand the various zones of a food processing plant, allowing you to look critically at each area in your plant in order to better match the sanitation level -- and investment -- of the equipment to the zone. Download the Special Report