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Three Ways Women Leaders can Renew their Mental Energy

For women, the challenges that come with a leadership role don't just stop with reaching goals and KPIs. Here, a certified organizational psychologist offers three ways women can ensure they don't burn out.

If you're a woman in the corporate world, you're no stranger to challenges. In your approach to break the glass ceiling, you may have already learned how to lean in, speak out, delegate, and simultaneously show assertiveness and empathy all in the same breath.

But all of that exertion comes at a price once you've reached the leadership level. Not only have you taken the step up the corporate ladder, you're now faced with a new set of issues that seem mostly beholden to women. Issues with childcare and domestic duties seem to be the most obvious, but lest you not forget to also be nurturing and empathetic while being self-confident and risky.

Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg, a certified organizational psychologist with a Ph.D. in business economics, recently wrote a piece for Harvard Business Review on how women at the top can renew their mental energy.

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