Equipment Round Up: February 2019

Our editors selected the following equipment products to feature in our February 2019 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

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Custom hand fillers

This custom hand filler is suitable for tasting rooms and visitor centers. With the pull of a lever, visitors can fill their own bottles with company products. One option is to have a product in a filling bowl, with four stations, and each station fills the same size bottle. This allows multiple people to fill their bottles at once with a signature product. Another option is to have a single product in a bowl with four filling stations, and each station fills a different size bottle. The bowl on a custom filler also can be split into four sections to accommodate multiple products. Fogg Filler; Holland, Mich.; 616-786-3644;

USDA-approved multi-spectrum metal detector

The CEIA THS/MS21 is available with optional USDA-certified construction, compliant with the USDA’s stringent hygiene and sanitation guidelines for the design and fabrication of dairy, meat and poultry equipment. This design eliminates any difficult-to-clean areas that could harbor bacteria. The multi-spectrum metal detectors use multiple detection frequencies simultaneously to deliver sensitivity to all magnetic and nonmagnetic metals and compensate accurately for product effect to reduce waste and false reject signals without reducing sensitivity. For fresh and frozen foods, the technology also detects smaller particles of all metals, including AISI-316 stainless steel. Heat and Control; Hayward, Calif.; 800-227-5980;

Clean-in-place check-weighing machines 

The clean-in-place (CIP) version of Dynamic checkweighers uses a framework that minimizes horizontal flat surfaces, using sloped faces and round tubing where possible, and a sloped cabinet. An enhanced safety conveyer design minimizes entrapment and other hazards from rotating shafts or equipment. These changes meet sanitary and hygienic standards for CIP clients. The fully automated system is designed to weigh items automatically while in motion for quality control or sorting applications. The checkweigher controller can communicate both upstream and downstream across Rockwell Automation’s The Connected Enterprise. This high-speed check-weighing system can process as many as 350 pieces/min. Hardy Process Solutions; San Diego; 858-278-2900;

X-ray system for loose and free-flow products

The X5 Bulkflow is an advanced X-ray inspection system for bulk loose, unpackaged and free-flowing food products. It detects such foreign-body contaminants as ferrous, nonferrous and stainless metals; stone; ceramic; glass; bone; and dense plastics regardless of their shape, size or location within the product. The types of products it can check include meat, poultry, convenience foods, frozen products, nuts, berries, dried fruit, lentils, cereals and vegetables before they are packaged or used as ingredients in finished products. It also can be used to inspect raw products before the production process. Loma Systems; Carol Stream, Ill.; 800-872-LOMA;

Motor and drive packages

Combination motor and drive packages allow OEMs and end users to select a solution for their heavy-duty industrial motion control applications from a predetermined list. The combinations are power-matched for 480-V high-overload operation through a 20-hp range, with I2T protection from thermal damage provided as a standard in both the motor and the drive components. Included are the Siemens Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP), application macros via the Sinamics G120C drive for easy installation and wiring, and Simotics SD100 motors with inverter duty ratings in a 4:1 speed range for constant torque and 20:1 speed range for variable torque. Siemens, Elk Grove Village, Ill.;800-241-4453;

Multishaft mixer with improved lift and seal design

This 1,500-gal. multishaft mixer’s dual-post hydraulic lift and seal design has been updated. Model PVM-1500’s current design is a double-acting, fully hydraulic cylinder operating at a higher pressure, which allows for a smaller cylinder and less oil for operation. In addition, the seal arrangement now allows seal replacement without removing agitator shafts. Unlike the historical design, seal replacement no longer requires removal of the mixer from the tank or tank entry to access the seal. Charles Ross & Son Co.; Hauppauge, N.Y.; 800-243-ROSS;

Tubular LED for harsh environments

Designed for food processing, the Starduster Q3 Series LED light fixture features a 3-in. diameter acrylic housing with sleek lines, stainless steel end-caps and smooth surface. Available in 2700K-5000K, the fixture offers an output of up to 135 lm/w. The enclosure has IP67, IP65 ratings. It can be suspended or surface-mounted and comes in 2-, 4- and 8-ft. lengths. Fixtures can be customized for specific applications. Paramount Industries; Croswell, Mich.; 810.679.2551;

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