February 2019 Food Funny Cartoon Caption Contest

It seems as though the recent cold snap brought us a few visitors. See if you can make them feel welcome by coming up with a hilarious caption for this month's cartoon caption contest.

By Illustration by Jerry King

As half of the country emerges from our recent bought with the Polar Vortex, it appears as though we may have picked up a few visitors along the way. Show the penguins some love by voting on your favorite caption from the ones submitted below. He or she that warms up the hearts (and the most votes) gets all the glory.... and special recognition on our website. Cast your votes here

February 2019 Food Funny

Vote for your favorite of these submitted captions

Penquin: You cant survive inside. Because it is full of Igloo. First buy me some food then I will get you what frozen food you want either Beef, pork, seafood and poultry

These humans are still alive - I was promised frozen food in this Vortex excursion.

Talk about workforce "diversity"....

Polar Downsizing

They must pay them well, he's wearing a tux!!

POOR Pest Control

Look John, not only robots will crowd us out of our workplaces.

Must be a tough shift. He doesn't have "Happy Feet"

Looks like HR got this one right.

A representative from Antarctica.

Be sure to wear your hard hats, those frozen Krill can Kill!

It's so cold even the penguins can't stand it in there.

Boy! When they say that this job is for the birds, they really mean it.