January 2019 Food Funny Cartoon Caption Contest

He's a seasoned professional who loves to hang around. See what comedic captions you can come up with for our friend, Mr. Cultured Meat.

By Illustration by Jerry King

He arrived on the scene several years ago as the unsung hero amid his cousins, Mr. Steak and Mr. Burger. Now, as a seasoned professional, Mr. Cultured Meat cultivates a certain liveliness no matter where he goes. Our fellow party-goers threw their hats in the ring to caption our cartoon below.

And the winner is.......
The minute he walked in the joint, I could see he was a meat of distinction.
Congratulations to Mark Kantor, our winner!


January 2019 Food Funny

Submitted Captions

I don't care if he's hooked... He's hot.

It's pronounced "proh shoot toh" (prosciutto)

He's smoking hot

This new upscale club is literally a "meat market"

Hey girls, you like beef cake?

Gee Ham on a hook -- that's Culture

The minute he walked in the joint, I could see he was a meat of distinction.

Hell, I'd date him, hook, line and sinker!

Forget the looks, I'll take him....he's loaded!

girl #1: How cultured can he be if he can't circulate the party?
girl #2: He can't even get to the ashtray! Mr. Culture should choose a different kind of smoke!

Smoked cod--this is a classy party!

I'm hooked on these smoked potato skins

The new cannabis generation... a false sense of self (ha..ha)!

Just another half smoked actor left out to dry.

Being cultured doesn't mean you've got class.

Yeah, he's definitely a grade above the usual dead slabs of meat you run into at these parties.

I've never seen smoking done from the inside out - he's always so well done.

He's hook, line, and available.