November 2019 Food Funny Cartoon Caption Contest

We may have bitten off more than we can chew with this month's Food Funny. See if you can help us gnaw away at the feeling by taking part in the caption contest.

By Illustration by Jerry King

Help us take a bite out of this plunge into cooler temps by helping us come up with the winning caption for our November Food Funny. Drop a caption in the space below. Mid-month, we'll flip it around and let you vote on who has the funniest submission. November 2019 Food Funny

Submitted Captions

Carl, I said TEST not TASTE.

What do you mean Sally told you they wanted the pies bite sized?

You know, there are other ways to do quality checks...

No, a doctors note saying you have a pumpkin pie addiction will not help.

We need to take a "bite" out of crime; not pies!

Are you copying that "I Love Lucy" episode?

Is this your idea of QA?

More. So. Good. not  Morso Good. Morso Good! 
(caption submitter's note: Morso means bite in Italian)

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