October 2019 Food Funny Cartoon Caption Contest

We're treating all of our readers with a lot of laughs with this month's Food Funny.

By Illustration by Jerry King

This month, there's no tricks, just treats for you, our faithful funny followers. We're scaring up a hauntingly good time with our October food funny thanks to our illustrator, Jerry King. See if you can come up with the funniest caption for our cartoon below. Mid-month, we'll flip the switch and let everyone vote on who had the best caption. 

October 2019 Food Funny

Submitted Captions

It's becoming frightfully delicious!

So far, so good. just make sure that they are on the Amazon next day delivery plan!

These are the claymation props for our "how jack-o-lantern's are made

Cut it out everyone! Let me squash this rumor right now. There’s never been a better moment to carve out some time to make some gourdious jack-o-lanterns.

It is so hard to "carve out" just the right expression.

Will the real Jack O-Lantern smile menacingly?

Our time is over. We are neither sustainable nor renewable.

Stop biting the pumpkins Frank!!!!

Which one is for our buddy the "Headless Horseman"?

Tell broom Hilda here potion is working wonderful we will have enough pumpkin minions to take over by Halloween!!!

The evolution of the jack-o'-lantern.

Good to see that they are no longer catching fire. I think you have finally solved the integrated candle issue.

I guess we can fire the entire production department now!

After Jack got down the bean stock he brought us some magic pumpkin seeds.

Dracula: "Bibbidi"
Ghost: "Boo"

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