September 2019 Food Funny Cartoon Caption Contest

Food Processing's Cartoon Caption contest will have you out of your gourd with laughter.

By Illustration by Jerry King

Oh My Gourd! Can you believe it's September already? Who's ready to squash the month? If you're feeling gourd about your chances for our September cartoon caption contest, then convey your ideas by adding a caption into the mix below. Mid-month, we'll cut this thing open and see what seeds we can harvest for the funniest joke of the fall. 

September 2019 Food Funny

Submitted Captions

It takes a gourmand to eat these gourds!

Are you out of your gord?

Are these GMO squash or pumpkins?

The new line is GOURDgeous!

These will make for some great Squash-O-Lanterns.

Who cut Trump's face on that one???

Gourdashian fall fashion runway

532,850! And, it's break time!

They said we didn't have to label them, it's pretty obvious that they're GMO

Oh my god, the Quality Department is definitely not going to enjoy hearing about this!

The pumpkins are overpriced!

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