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  • Ingredient Round Up: March 2019

    Our editors selected the following ingredients to feature in our March 2019 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

  • Product Focus: Salty Snacks

    As consumers shift from sweet to salty snacks, food processors are taking note by launching savory snacks.

  • Getting Ahead on the New Nutrition Facts Panel

    Some food and beverage companies planned ahead to meet the original 2018 deadline for updating their labels, as some already are appearing on store shelves. This is perceived as a sign of increased transparency.

    Lauren R. Hartman, Product Development Editor
  • Formulation Trends: Sodium Stand-Ins

    Salt adds taste, stabilizes the leavening process and acts as natural preservative. But food companies are faced with reducing salt in many foods. What they replace it with depends on the formulation, and must be carefully selected.

    Lauren R. Hartman, Product Development Editor
  • Ingredients for Heart Health

    Processors are formulating-out fat and sodium and working in legumes, whole grains, soluble fiber and omega-3s.

    Lauren R. Hartman, Product Development Editor
  • Flavor Trends: Soups Ladle Up the Flavor

    With the cooler weather growing cold, 'tis the season for processors to ladle up new soups and broths that provide comfort, a clean label and full-on flavor.

    Lauren R. Hartman, Product Development Editor
  • New Strategies for Sodium

    Sodium presents a conflict for processors from several sides.

    Mark Anthony, Ph.D., Technical Editor
  • Ingredient Manufacturers Do Flavors a Favor

    Safe, clean flavor enhancement is the name of the game, so processors need to take extra care when modulating taste.

    Lauren R. Hartman, Product Development Editor
  • Artisanal Foods Increase in Popularity

    As consumer concern for healthy eating escalates, so does the interest in natural and artisanal foods. Artisans can keep traditions alive by going beyond the mass-produced norm with the best ingredients and old-world methods to create foods with flair.

    Lauren R. Hartman, Product Development Editor
  • Flavor Modulation with High Expectation

    Whether its a recovery drink jacked up with protein or frozen pizza with less sodium, today's masking and modulation ingredients can help 'improved' foods taste super.

    David Phillips, Technical Editor
  • Sauce Formulations Aim for Freshness

    Whether taking out salt or sugar or mixing in bold flavors, a fresh, robust taste is key to any processed sauce.

    David Phillips, Technical Editor
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