Betty Crocker Introduces Red Spoon Squad E-Commerce Site

Food Processing Top 100 lister General Mills has introduced an innovative new concept in e-commerce with its Betty Crocker branded Red Spoon Squad.

According to, General Mills has been testing, which allows consumers to learn about new recipes, recieve cooking instructions based on the consumers' culinary level and also arrange for a personal visit from a Red Spoon Squad expert.

Betty Crocker is working with BrandJourney Venturing, a web technology development firm that is building and temporarily operating the new sites for General Mills.

Personally, I think this idea is GENIUS. 

I'm a fan of any site that asks me to rate my cooking level. Most sites assume I'm a novice or an expert when in reality I fall somewhere Martha Stewart and my Senior year Home Ec cooking partner. (Then again, maybe I'm just going to the wrong sites). 

What I'm even more impressed with is the opportunity to request an in-person consultation.  I feel pretty comfortable in my kitchen but wouldn't mind a class or two -- in the luxury of my own home -- with an expert showing me how to pair foods I wouldn't have thought of before. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how the RedSpoonSquad does in its venture. Bravo General Mills for the concept. Keep us posted!