Do whistle blowers deserve government wrath?

Thanks to Twitter and my fellow digital mates at Putman Media, the following blog post crossed my desk: PETA Classified as a 'Terrorist Threat by the USDA. After checking to make sure this wasn't a hoax or urband legend, I sat down with my morning beverage of choice and began to read.

The blog post, written at indicates a new  USDA “APHIS Facility Security Profile” form includes PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as one of its checkbox-able Terrorist Threats.

I'm not one of PETA's biggest fans. They didn't bother me much until earlier this year, when they posted billboards to the likeness of "Save the Whales, Don't Eat Meat" emblazened on an overweight person's body. I lost a lot of respect for the group right then and there. I mean, if you're going to treat animals ethically, treat them ALL ethically -- not just the ones with hooves or claws. 

Getting back to my original point is that PETA may be one of the meaner kids in the sandbox, but it I don't see where they're committing terrorist activities. If anything, they're blowing the whistle on some unsavory business practices and/or the effects of eating meat.

By labeling PETA a terrorist threat, is the USDA implying that any of its naysayers will incur their wrath?

This hardly seems like good government practice. What will happen to the next naysayer? Do they get dinged for unfoodmanlike conduct and put on a blacklist?

I'm curious to hear what people think about PETA being added to the USDA list. Fair? Unfair?