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I confess, I've been a horribly busy parent who has served her kids numerous plates of macaroni and cheese and turkey burgers over the past few weeks. What can I say, my husband was travelling through China and the rest of us all had places to be, homework to do, and articles to write. Convienience took ahold of the wheel at dinner time and we were relegated to whatever we could make the fastest and with the fewest ingredients. 

Now that my husband is back from China and the kids were ready for something that didn't come out of a blue box, we decided to try the seasoning mixes and Asian-inspired steamers from Simply Asia.

I'd had the Steamer and Marinades at home for a few weeks, but will admit I was a tad intimidated that it would take a lot of prep time I didn't have. Lucky for me, the extra prep amounted to about 5 minutes for the dishes I made; other packets from Simply Asia take more prep time and ingredients. 

I was also a little nervous to cook something Asian-inspired with my husband having just returned from six weeks of nothing but real Asian food, but we were all pleasantly surprised by the taste of our Sesame Teriyaki Marinade (on Chicken) and the Hunan Broccoli. With the help of a few ingredients we had at home, the marinated chicken turned out so well that both of my picky-eating kids devoured their chicken instantly. With the broccoli, we all found the Hunan flavoring to pack a bit of a spicy punch, but it did get my son to eat broccoli, which he never likes to do. After we gulped down our waters to get our taste buds back in order, we declared the dinner a success and that I would definetely be using Simply Asia. . 


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