Teaching our Kids About Eating Healthy: School Versus Home

My 13 year old recently came home from school with some information that startled me as a parent. One of her teachers was planning to show the movie Supersize Me in class that week.


Most parents might read that and think "So what, kids need to learn not to inhale Mickey D's every day" but I heard it and thought: What lesson are you teaching these kids? 


I know there is an obesity problem in the United States right now, but in middle school and high school, there are also hallways filled with impressionable young women and men who see being fat as a fate worse than death. They would rather starve themselves and risk death than to touch a chicken nugget or a cookie.


I know this to be true because I have several family friends that were affected by eating disorders and most of them started in junior high or high school. They see their friends not eating so they succumb to peer pressure and not eat too. It doesn't matter how few Trans Fats or calories your food has in it, if it's not water, lettuce or air, these kids won't touch it.


I found it amazing that in order to participate in the Birds 'n Bees conversation, we had to sign a permission slip, but to watch a movie that could do more harm than good -- where was the permission slip for that? 


If I want my children to know what eating McDonald's every day for 30 days can do, let me empty out my wallet and do it, don't show a movie to my impressionable child andher friends.


Food companies have a great opportunity to reach out to these young, impressionable kids. Perhaps these food giants can take the road less travelled and instead of talking about how this food will make you thin, let's focus on how it will keep you alive. 


Just my two cents...