How to harvest the goodness of whole grain corn ingredients

Jody Mattsen
Senior Food Technologist
Cargill's Bakery Applications Team

When looking for a whole grain ingredient to add to a variety of your applications, corn should be on your list.  MaizeWise® whole grain corn ingredient offers whole-grain nutrition in a variety of granulation and flavor profiles for a taste and texture tailor-made to your product. Our corn flours are versatile and can be used on their own for extruded applications such as cereals, cheese puffs, cookies and crackers, or blended with a gluten-containing flour such as WheatSelect® whole grain wheat flour  for yeast leavened applications such as sandwich bread.

A common concern when using whole grain products is shelf life.  Through a proprietary process, we are able to enhance the storage stability of products our ingredient goes into.  Further, through our corn origination program we have a dependable supply of corn that allows us to produce a consistent product.  As such, MaizeWise whole grain corn products can be a direct replacement for existing ingredients, allowing manufacturers to easily reformulate into a whole grain solution. 

In addition, the new standards established this year for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program will require that all grain products contain at least 51% whole grains by 2015.  As the industry prepares to meet these requirements, Cargill’s MaizeWise® whole grain corn ingredients can be part of the solution by offering a cost-effective option for incorporating whole grains into great tasting, kid-friendly foods.

From an applications standpoint, our whole grain corn flour can be used for thick or thin batters, crunchy or crispy crackers, or crusty or chewy bread. It can also lend a unique flavor and texture to kid-friendly products such as pancakes, taco shells, pizza crust, hushpuppies, breading, extruded snacks, cereals, tortillas and pastas.

Naturally gluten-free, MaizeWise whole grain corn ingredients work well to create great tasting cookies and corn muffins for consumers with a gluten intolerance or celiac disease. So, whether you are looking for a cake-like soft structure or a more substantial cornmeal like texture, we can customize the ingredient to suit your application needs. Likewise, the strength of the corn taste can range from neutral to toasted corn, depending on your desired finished product.

With Cargill’s MaizeWise whole grain corn ingredients in your corner, you have a proven solution to typical formulation issues, giving you the ability to expand your product portfolio with whole grain products served in school lunchrooms across America or to debut wholesome new consumer-friendly food products. Cultivate your next whole-grain product with us.

Jody Mattsen is a senior food technologist on Cargill's Bakery Applications Team. She has been with Cargill for all 10 of her years in the industry.