How to rise above the challenge of gluten-free baking

 Aaron Reed
Aaron Reed
Bakery Applications Specialist

Creating great tasting gluten-free bakery items is very difficult. Without gluten to entrap air, baked goods lack the chewy, plump goodness that make them so worth the calories. Fortunately, Cargill has developed gluten-free baking bases  that take the frustration and guesswork out of baking delicious gluten-free breads, cookies, cakes, muffins and sugar free bakery items.

Our gluten-free baking bases use patent-pending technology to deliver winning baked treats with an appearance and texture that rival their traditional counterparts. With our bases, breads and cookies are chewy, cakes light and airy, and muffins moist and springy—just right for a coffee break, a holiday dessert tray or just a reward after a long day.

With wheat-free diet needs driving consumer demand, the $533 million gluten-free bakery market is still growing. Cargill began developing our customizable gluten-free baking bases 5 years ago, replacing gluten with our own ingredient systems so the development work is done and the fun part—customization—can begin.

The only limit is your imagination. One customer uses our gluten-free cookie base to make a deep-dish pizza-sized cookie for a pizza restaurant chain. Another customer, who sells to health care facilities, uses our gluten-free cake base to make an incredible sugar-free mousse cake as well as cakes in flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, lemon swirl and orange.

Our gluten-free cake base, available in white, yellow and chocolate, makes a delightfully decadent cupcake or cake. With seeds or grains, our bread base becomes a hearty multi-grain loaf; with fruits and spices, it's a fragrant cinnamon-raisin loaf.

A Cargill baker competing in an internal "Formulation Challenge" wowed us with a wonderfully satisfyingly sweet waffle made with our gluten-free muffin base. Another baker used our gluten-free bread base to amaze us with a rich, eggy brioche with a tender, buttery crumb worthy of the finest European pâtisseries.

Gluten-free products do require their own dedicated space and equipment away from gluten-containing products. Our certified gluten-free baking bases minimize the need for multiple ingredient sourcing and, therefore, your risk of cross-contamination. With a solution like Cargill's gluten-free baking bases, you can expand into the growing gluten-free baking market with products that taste so good, you'd never guess they're gluten-free.

Aaron Reed, bakery applications specialist at Cargill, has been with the company for 3 1/2 of his 9 years in the industry.