Savvy About Sweetness: The Naturally Splendid Consumer

Candyce Wisner
Candyce Wisner
Consumer & Market
Insights Leader
Truvia® brand

They're informed, health-conscious and cautious about what they put in their body. They're the "Naturally Splendids," the largest of the four consumer segments in Cargill's proprietary sweetness segmentation. This growing market made up a sizable 39% of primary grocery shoppers in 2010.

So-named because they prefer natural foods and beverages, Naturally Splendids report that they enjoy eating healthy foods. Sophisticated about health-related issues, Naturally Splendids limit their sugar intake because they are careful to watch their weight. Given their weight and health management goals, they seek out zero-calorie sweeteners, but prefer natural options like Truvia® sweetener, which is made from the leaves of the stevia plant.  These consumers index higher than any other segment in their use of stevia.

The Naturally Splendids are an underserved consumer segment, providing a huge opportunity to marketers. Consider the beverage market.  Most beverages are sweetened with nutritive or artificial sweeteners. This gap in the market creates an opportunity to meet the needs of this savvy consumer group with beverages sweetened with zero calorie, natural – sweetness like Truvia® stevia leaf extract.

In France, where obesity is becoming a concern, the Coca-Cola Company entered this market by introducing Sprite® and Nestea® products sweetened with Truvia® stevia leaf extract. In the United States, beverage manufacturers are taking advantage of this opportunity as well. In 2012, new  beverage introductions sweetened with stevia outpaced new beverage introductions that used artificial high intensity sweeteners. The time is ripe to provide Naturally Splendids with a greater selection of naturally sweetened, zero calorie beverages that are relevant to their specific needs.

Naturally Splendids drink more juice, bottled water fortified with vitamins or minerals, cultured or probiotic drinks, milk or yogurt smoothies, energy drinks, herbal teas and hot and iced green tea than other segments. A proprietary survey of Moms conducted by Cargill in 2010 found that Moms said they feel good about serving their kids products sweetened with Truvia® brand sweetener because it's natural and plant-based.

While convenience and taste are important to all consumers, Naturally Splendids are more likely to prioritize health benefits over taste and convenience. In fact, they believe healthy foods taste better!
An untapped market, a naturally great-tasting beverage and a target consumer who wants it. Sounds like we've found your next sweet spot.

Candyce Wisner is the Consumer & Market Insights Leader for the Truvia® brand. She has been with Cargill for the last 9 years of her 25+ years in the industry.