Bacon: It’s Not Just for Breakfast (Or Eating, Either)

Bacon Flag Medal

Park City, Utah’s Sage Kotsenburg became the first gold medalist in men’s slopestyle snowboarding last week in Sochi, Russia, an honor that made pigs nervous when he tweeted, “I wish the Sochi medals were made out of bacon.” Smelling a PR bonanza, Godshall’s Quality Meats in Telford, Pa., jumped at the chance to turn his wish into a production demand. After one false start, the folks at Godshall’s took a chub of bacon and cross cut it into a facsimile of an Olympic gold medal.

The plan was to present the bacon medal to Kotsenburg Wednesday, Feb. 19, when he appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” Alas, the best laid plans of men and hogs oft go astray, and the vehicle carrying the medal from the Philadelphia area firm to New York broke down en route. But hope springs eternal, and a shipment of bacon medals made it in time for the last FedEx pickup for delivery in Los Angeles, where Godshall’s bacon medal was received by Conan O’Brien in time to present it to Kotsenburg when he appeared on the show Thursday evening.