Dean Foods Unveils National Milk Brand

DairyPure milk

Striving to revive its sluggish white milk sales, Dean Foods will add the DairyPure brand name to its 31 regional brands of milk around the country. What could be a game changer in the dairy industry, DairyPure may be the country's first fresh white milk brand available on a national basis. Though the company says it's not changing the way the milk is produced, it will be touting just how the milk will be made. "DairyPure starts pure and stays pure from farm to fridge," ensures Dean, which is backing that statement with an exclusive Five-Point Purity Promise: That the milk has no artificial growth hormones; is tested for antibiotics; is continually quality tested to ensure purity; is only obtained from cows fed a healthy diet; and is shipped cold, fresh from local dairies.

"We're passionate about the purity of our milk, which is why we ensure DairyPure milk meets our Five-Point Purity Promise," states Ralph Scozzafava, executive vice president and chief commercial officer of Dean Foods. "With DairyPure, we will continue to deliver the fresh, high-quality milk our consumers have always enjoyed from their trusted, local dairies.

Available this month in dairy cases at grocery stores in whole, 2 percent, reduced-fat, 1 percent, low-fat and skim/fat-free, the milk will be packed in gallons, half gallons and quarts. DairyPure branded half and half and creams will also soon be available in stores.

The launch was accompanied by a national ad campaign designed to jumpstart Dean's 36-percent portion of the dwindling milk market, and attract the growing list of consumers who perceive food that "is more natural and produced closer to home" is better for them. The move is an effort to resuscitate sales since Dean sold offshoot WhiteWave Foods, which is making key sales gains with its almond milk and milk-alternative beverages.

Dean, based in Dallas, is keeping each of its regional labels, including its Dean's brand, as well as Berkeley Farms, Land O’Lakes, Garelick Farms and Oak Farms Dairy, the latter its popular brand in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. These labels will be placed on cartons and bottles next to packages bearing the DairyPure name, company executives report.

The Wall Street Journal reports that DairyPure's annual in-store sales could total at least $2.5 billion, which would ease Dean's decades of milk sales declines due to surges in new-beverage developments such as soy, lactose-free, almond and cashew milks.