Everything's Better With Bacon, Even Father's Day

What do you get that special guy, the man who taught you baseball, fishing, how to ride a two-wheeler, the man who fathered you?

How about a slab of bacon? And (choose one): cufflinks, a money clip or a multifunctional tool.

For this month's Dad’s Day, Kraft Foods' Oscar Mayer brand is offering three gift box sets. Each starts with 18-20 slices of bacon. "The Commander" adds a "handsome stainless steel money clip." "The Woodsman" comes with the multi-tool. "The Matador" includes "a set of dashing cufflinks" shaped like bacon strip cufflinks. Prices range from $22 to $28. See them all at SayItWithBacon.Com.

Although, I gotta warn you, when I looked this afternoon, all three items were out of stock. Try again in a few days. SayItWithBacon.Com will be live from June 4 to July 1.

You can choose from several accompanying gift cards, all with a bacon photo in the background. Options include: "This Father's Day, I give you permission to admit you love something more than your family. And "You're the second best reason to wake up in the morning." Or "I love you like I love this bacon."

I did not see an option for microwave bacon, my preference.