Food Processing Top 10: The Most Popular Posts in 2012

Call it habit or plain curiosity, but at the end of each year, we like to conduct a review of the most popular articles on our website from the previous year. Some of the top 10 most popular seem fairly obvious – to us anyway – while some took us by surprise. Check out the list of the most popular articles for 2012 (listed in order of popularity with No. 1 being the most popular) and see if the industry trends you've noticed line up with our most-read content.

1. 2012 Food Industry Outlook: A Taste of Things To Come
2. Flavor Trends for 2012
3. Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies for 2012: Splitting in Two
4. Is Algae DHA As Healthy as Fish Oil DHA?
5. Gluten Free: Friend or Fad?
6. Top-Selling Food and Beverage Products of 2011: Targeted Innovation Rules the Day
7. Kraft Foodservice Shares Trend Predictions for 2012
8. Bakery Trends Show Balance Between Delight and Lite
9. Snacking Could Be The Future Of Eating
10. Nescafe Memento Has Consumers Saying Bye, Bye Barista

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