What Did Food Processors Want to Read in 2013?

Every year, the team at Food Processing takes a look at what articles did really well on our website. Some articles don't surprise us, while others leave us satisfyingly content that we delivered such popular information.

Take a look at the top 10 articles for 2013 and tell us in the comments if you agree with the rankings.
1.    Snack Trends 2013: Health and Indulgence Square Off
2.    2013 Food Industry Outlook: 5 Things to Look Out For
3.    Flavor and Ingredient Trends for 2013
4.    Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies for 2013: Starting Over
5.    Refuting Myths About Carrageenan
6.    Private Label Packaging Playing an Essential Role in Retailer Brand Strategies
7.    Satiety and Satiation Trump Calories in Weight Control
8.    2013 Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey: The Gloom Index Recedes
9.    Food Manufacturers Cling to Flexible Packaging
10.  Corporate Research Chefs Combine Health and Science With a Dash of Culinary Genius