Infographic: Consumers Want Government-Regulated GMO Labeling

According to its Health and Wellness 2015 report, The Hartman Group (see infographic), Bellevue, Wash., food processors should develop simpler ingredients lists for their products, as 59 percent of consumers in its study believe the government should require certain products to be labeled as 'natural.' In addition, 61 percent of consumers in the study, which was fielded in May 2015, indicated the government should require labeling of foods and beverages containing generically modified organisms (GMOs), while 11 percent said it should not be required; non-GMO, organic, hormone/antibiotic-free elements should be highlighted on packaging of foods & beverages.

The Health & Wellness 2015 report notes high quality is a main factor driving demand for food and beverages. Thus, emerging opportunities for CPG food and beverage manufacturers, retailers, foodservice companies and restaurants include improving freshness, more personalization of products, a balance of healthy eating and the occasional treat. Details about how health and wellness philosophies and consumers' approaches to health and wellness have changed over time and how they view their diets when it comes to food eaten out versus home-cooked meals.

Hartman GMO and Natural Lab

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