Infographic: Healthy Eating and Weight Management

This infographic from The Hartman Group demonstrates that while there are multiple cultural and lifestyle issues associated with rising obesity, consumer eating behavior is what really counts.

Both the problem and the solution, eating behaviors are charted here according to age groups -- Millennials, Gen X and Boomers. The chart is based on research from The Hartman Group's "How America Eats 2011" report.

Nearly one-third of consumers surveyed (31 percent) indicated that they frequently try to control the amount of food and beverages they consume for weight management purposes while about one-fourth (27 percent) note that they watch what they eat for health reasons other than weight management.

An almost equal percentage indicated they watch what they eat to control weight (23 percent). The responses were pretty similar for all three age groups.

More information on the healthy eating study is available from the group at

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