Perrier Invites Adult Consumers to Online Fantasy World

Perrier, the sparkling water company, has taken digital marketing to another level with its new online fantasy world. entices visitors to enter the space and participate as though they were members of the elusive party taking place in this secret world.

Visitors to are tasked with the goal of finding a hidden bottle of the bubbly beverage. Seems simple, right? Little do you realize that to find the bottle, you need to seek out and view the party from the perspective of the 60 other guests.

Visitors who find the elusive bottle are eligible to win a trip to one of several party destinations.

I'm not one to post reviews of advertising campaigns, but this one was worth taking note. The characters and the videography made me feel like I was in a movie and for a while I forgot I was searching for a bottle of water. The grittiness and the excitement of the scenery were both captivating.

I tip my hat to Perrier and their agency for a well executed marketing piece that makes me want to don my party clothes and search for my Perrier all from the confines of my office cubicle.