Teawolf Reveals 2013 Trends for Tea, Coffee, Cocoa and Extracts

Teawolf, a manufacturer of functional ingredients for the food, beverage, flavor, and fragrance markets, recently revealed a list of the emerging trends for tea, coffee, cocoa, and extracts in 2013.

For Tea and Coffee: Bolder niche beverage brands will drive ingredient and flavor innovation. Look for Chai, which is getting more traction in both coffee and tea, to be paired with more botanical ingredients such as hibiscus black tea and lemongrass tea.

Built In Crossover Appeal: More brands will be launched in the natural channel with built-in crossover appeal, making the transition to mass market, mainstream consumer shelves easier.

Natural Products Remain Strong:
The consumer demand for healthier, natural products continues. According to Greg Robertson, president and founder of Teawolf, the company is seeing definite growth in the demand for extracts. Natural products are growing and extracts are a key component of that trend.  

Consumers Want Healthier Beverages: When it comes to new product development, research is showing that consumers are pushing aside the carbonated soft drinks and interested in more beverages that are perceived as healthy.

For more information about these trends and other information about the company, visit www.teawolf.com