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Every little kid wants to be an astronaut, but the end of the Space Shuttle Program made that dream more unattainable, reports. Huffington Post. Since NASA has leftover food that had been into outer space, it announced plans to make up for millions of squashed childhood dreams by donating excess space food and insulating tiles to schools around the the country. When most people think of space food, they think of freeze-dried neapolitan ice cream available for purchase in the gift shop at the Air and Space Museum. But that's not the main subsistence food for astronauts. They eat a wide array of foods subject to a host of preservation methods. The main qualification for a dish to get on the menu was a dietitian's approval; astronauts need to carefully monitor their food and vitamin intake while in orbit. NASA says that the food included "soups like chicken consomme and cream of mushroom, casseroles like macaroni and cheese and chicken and rice, appetizers like shrimp cocktail, and breakfast foods like scrambled eggs and cereals." The food is not being given to schools to eat; it is for educational purposes only. Tiles and foodstuffs are being given to schools at no charge except the cost of shipping, which is $28.03 for food and $23.40 for tiles. Schools who request Shuttle artifacts will be granted their share of NASA on a first-come, first-served basis. http://gsaxcess.gov/NASAWel.htm ... Then again, Illinois officials hope they can make progress on hunger by feeding Asian carp to hungry families, reports Associated Press. The invasive carp have been spreading across Illinois rivers and streams, killing off native species. Hunters and fishermen are encouraged to donate food to the needy, especially Asian carp. A cooking demonstration will be held in Chicago. The state Department of Natural Resources says Target Hunger Now! could process up to 40,000 pounds of fish a day ... Catering to growing demand from students, the University of North Texas in Denton opened what's believed to be the first all-vegan full-service campus cafeteria, reports The Food Channel. The initiative received kudos from PETA and has students lining up outside the door ... Chicago-based World's Finest Chocolate made a chocolate bar, meant to be an example of "portion distortion" for school children, that weighs 12,000 pounds and measures 3-feet high and 21-feet long, reports Associated Press. The big candy bar will be taken on a tour of schools. Incidentally, the recipe for the chocolate bar includes 1,200 pounds of almonds, 5,500 pounds of sugar, 2,000 pounds of milk powder, 1,700 pounds of cocoa butter and 1,400 pounds of chocolate liquor ... An East Texas man with a prolific cattle rustling history spanning more than a decade was sentenced to 99 years in prison for swindling bovines from a Mississippi rancher, reports the Huffington Post. Carl Wade Curry was accused of stealing 400 head of cattle worth more than $200,000 last year ... Tokyo-based Goldwin developed MXP Calorie Shaper Pants, designed to help users reduce calories by making muscles work extra hard while walking or climbing, reports The London Telegraph. The undergarment makes use of resin to prevent the fabric from stretching and is touted as helping a 140-pound man who walks up to 90 minutes a day burn an extra 210 calories weekly ... Ball Packaging Europe developed a promotion campaign for the Edeka Hessenring grocery chain. The chain's new Cool Cola-Orange flavor hit the shelves in sleek cans and with the help of an animated 3D animal character. Appealing mainly to the 12-18 age group, the promotion invites youngsters to let out the toon in the can and pose with it in photos on a smartphone. A sticker on the triangular multipack draws attention to the Sprudeltier (Fizzy Beast), a cartoon animal character inside. Inside the pack are instructions showing how to let out the 3D animated figure. All it takes is a smart phone with the Junaio AR app. Point the phone's camera at the eye-catching design on the Cool Cola can-a zipper-and the cartoon figure poses in every photo taken with the camera. Friends can pose together with the apparently life-size figure. There is also an option to post the photos on Facebook ... Chicagoan Seth Captain, an avid kayaker, recently proposed to his girlfriend by spelling out, "Will you marry me?" with 427 Peeps that were arranged on the bottom of a kayak. He cleverly attached the engagement ring into the question mark. Captain swam out into Georgian Bay, the large northeastern extension of Lake Huron, in front of a cabin they were staying in, and proposed. And what was his girlfriend's response?  A resounding "yes" to her favorite lad and favorite Peeps. Romance is alive and well.