All moms not created equal

A 2008 USDA survey found that 67 percent of primary eating occurs in the home. Mom is the traditional nutritional gatekeeper, so the Canned Food Alliance commissioned researchers at Rutgers University to survey moms of young children across New Jersey -- a diversely populated state that reflects national demographics – to determine how they make food decisions that affect the entire family’s intake. Moms form four distinct groups according to their food-related attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors, the survey found. They include: Busy Izzy - These Working, Convenience-Driven Moms are interested in learning to prepare meals quickly and easily. Their food choices tend to be based on convenience and time available; Harried Harriet - These Time-Conscious, Stressed, Emotional Eating Moms in this group are typical emotional eaters and when times get stressful, they’re satisfied with what’s convenient; Sunny Susan - These Happy, Healthy, Foodie Moms enjoy eating a variety of new and different foods. Foods are chosen with an eye on price and product information labels.  Preparing quick meals is not a top priority for these moms; and Stable Mable - These Healthy, Unfettered Moms are health-conscious, adventurous eaters who value food-related activities, but don’t necessarily enjoy them. Their food decisions are based more on nutrition, rather than price and convenience. The distinct differences across mom profiles clearly indicate that providing meal solutions is not a “one-size-fits-all’ approach. This study builds on additional Rutgers University research that found mothers don’t always feel confident that they can prepare nutritious meals quickly and aren’t convinced that healthy meals and convenience can coexist.  The results of this segmentation emphasize that moms are not a homogenous group who choose foods with the same factors in mind.  Mom segment characteristics (Rutgers) Canned Food Alliance